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Dinah is MISSING!!!!

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She's been gone scince Saturday night. This is not like her at all.
It's been raining, and she hates the rain!! I've been out calling for her every chance I get, I drove around the apt complex looking for her... No sign of her.

I just put a new reflective collar & tag on her with my name & phone number on it.

I am very worried about her. The boys are worried about her too. They have noticed that she hasnt come home, and are saying things like.. 'I wonder if Dinah got lost." "Maybe she went to a new family." "I miss Dinah."

I am trying not to think about it much. I just printed out flyers, and I plan on calling the shelters & humane society. She is chipped.

I need your vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh no! You must be so worried!

I wish I could say something that would help you get Dinah back

Sending lots of 'COME HOME, DINAH' }}}VIBES{{{
I really hope she comes home soon!
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Oh I am so sorry
One trick someone once said: take some of her used litter and make a trail of it to your door. Maybe its scent will remind her of where home is.
I hope all works out and that Dinah is home soon.
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i hope she comes home for you soon!
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I hope Dinah comes home safe and sound! Keep us updated.
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I hope she comes back sooon too!!!
Sending vibes {{{{}}}}
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{{{{{{{{{Come Home Dinah!!!}}}}}}}}}
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Poor Dinah. I hope she makes it home soon...
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about the trail of litter... How far do I trail it? And if ScatCat uses the same litter.... will his smell cover up hers, scince he has used it more over the weekend?
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Hope this helps you find her- I am moving this to SOS
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I don't know how long to tell you to trail the litter It was someone on this site who made this suggestion for me when a client's cat went missing. The trick worked, so I'd just make the trail as long as you can. That is a good question about ScatCat's scent, but I'd definitely give it a shot anyway.
Does anyone else have any suggesions?
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I posted an ad on CraigsList.com with her picture. Hopefully I get my baby back.
I also made flyers here ate work, if I didnt already mention that. I plan on posting them up around my neighborhood.
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omg, i am so sorry.

i will be praying for you that she comes home safely..
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Oh, I pray you get your beautiful Dinah back!
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My baby girl is home!!!!!!!!!1

I had mentioned to my neighbor after work that I couldnt find Dinah, at which time my neighbor said that she would definitely keep her eyes open, and watch for her. Later... I went out looking for her with no sign of her.

Just about an hour ago... my neighbor was in her apartment, and heard something out behind her place (her place is behind mine)...So... her and her kids (who now heard the noise) went outside to see if they could find what it was, when Amber (the neighbor) heard a loud meow coming from her neighbor's shed. She got her neighbor... told him that she thought there was something in his shed, and they opened it together... and there she was!!!!!!! She was HOWLING!!!!! She had been trapped in the shed scince early sunday!!! She BOLTED out, and headed straight for our back door.

All of a sudden I heard a yowling at my back door... I looked over.. and there was my Dinah!! The neighbor ran over as fast as she could(she's about to have a baby any day now) and said, "I found your kitty!!!! All I could do was grab Dinah, and hold her with a death-like grip and cry! I cried & cried!!!!

She was starving!! The girl ate more than I have ever seen her eat!! Poor baby!! My baby is home!!!! My baby is home!!!!!!!
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Yay!!! I'm so happy to hear Dinah is home!!!
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and she was so close by the whole time, that is weird, i am sure she is just as happy as you to be home!
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I'm so glad to hear that Dinah is home!
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I am so glad that Dinah has come home! Yay!!!

This reminds me of when I was about 14. Our cat Candy (she lives with my parents, shes nearly 19 now!) she went missing for 3 WEEKS!!!!!

We put up posters, leaflets everything. We were heartbroken as it happened in December and over Christmas & New Year, plus it was a cold winter. Well anyway luckily this lady who lives behind mums house opened her coal shed and there was Candy! All skin and bones and so lucky to be alive. She had lived on a drip of water coming into the shed. It's sad because all the time we were calling her she must have heard us It's amazing that she survived. The vet couldn't believe it either.

Now, whenever ppl lose their cats I tell them to make sure they look in sheds, ask neighbours to look in sheds etc. I am glad that both stories had a happy ending
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Great news!
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That's great news. I'm glad your baby is now safe at home!
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What a happy ending!!!!
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Oh, I'm so glad Dinah is home safe!!! That's just the biggest relief, isn't it, Mum? Give her lots of TCS hugs, as well as your own.
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I cant tell you all how happy I was to see her. She came in and pigged out, then spent a good amount of time getting loves from Mama. She slept most of the night with me, and the very first thing I did this morning was call her over, and hold, snuggle and kiss her. It was great!! I can tell she is very happy to be home!!!

The boys saw her this morning on my bed and they were so exited!!! "DINAH!!! DINAH's HOME!!" they yelled.

Life is good!!
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I missed the start of this thread since I was away. But I am so glad it turned out OK. Twice I have had cats locked in sheds and if one goes missing it is hte first thing I do - go round all the sheds and closed garages calling for them and listening. Fortunately here it has only happened once when Dushka got into my neighbour's cowshed and was gone all night. I know how you must have been out of your mind with worry. Give Dinah a big scritch for me.
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glad she is home.
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