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Walking with Prehistoric Beasts

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I watched this show on Discovery last night and talked about the mammals that lived here after the dinosaurs and talk about humongous beasts! I can only recognize two animals, the saber-tooth cat and the mammoth. I can say only those two names. The rest.... there was a whale that used to live on land with legs and a tail. And a big rhino-like animal without the horns. And the horses! The people made it look so real. Really cool!
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I didn't see that show, but I did see the previews. It looked like it was going to be a really good program! Maybe they will have it on again sometime.
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I think these beasts are still around...check out the crowd at any Christmas sale. I KNOW that whale was there..stepped on my foot!!!!
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We watched that show too, and it was really good...the kids really enjoyed it, too!
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I really liked it a lot - I always enjoy the Discovery channel - though i wish they would have brocken it into a few parts (3hrs. in one shot is a little long for me).
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I like to watch the Discovery Channel too. I like to see things about dinosaurs, space, wild discovery, and New Detectives. I never miss an episode of New Detectives unless I find a good movie.
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Discovery Channel's one of my favorite channel's now that I have some time to sit and watch tv. I think it's educational but also very interesting. They're very articulate with special effects as well as the people they have hosting the shows which is one of my pet peeves. If someone doesn't know their stuff, then it ruins the whole show. The Discovery Channel leaves no stone unturned when it comes to their hosts...they're the best.

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I agree, they don't hire some Flavor of the Week actor/actress as a host, they get people with some knowledge...I think it makes the shows a bit more interesting and adds credibility.
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