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Shy Kitten

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Hi there

My little kiki seems to be a bit afraid of me !

She doesn't come up to me very often (she follows me around the house all the time but doesn't often come right up to me) and when I try to stroke her she shys away a bit. I dont' know why, we've had her from birth and have never hurt her. she's fine when she's sleepy, she just doesn't seem to like being stroked, she prefers to play !

I do pick her up and stroke her but she just walks off, I can tell she likes being stroked on her chin though !

Any ideas on how I can gain her trust ?
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Honestly just leave her alone. Don't force yourself on her, see her to her basic needs, food water, litter pan patrol. Once you back away from wanting her to be a receptive lap cat,she will be curious as to why you are not paying attention to her, and she will relax and not run when you approach her. Ignore her until she has given you several head buts, then slowly just pet her a few times and walk away-
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