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Panting cat - overheating?

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With the weather getting warmer i've been wondering what are the signs that a cat is getting overheated?

Lately lucky (black and white, DMH) has been panting heavily lately after very little activity. This happens both when she's playing inside and outside. My other kitten doesn't do this (tabby DSH). I guess i'm wondering is this something I should worry about? I don't have air conditioning in my apartment, and the fans i have seem rather ineffective at cooling things off.

thanks everyone
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Here's another thread about warm weather and cats, in case you haven't seen it, yet:
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cats don't sweat, so in order to keep cool they pant. This doesn't nessasarly mean they are overheating, they can continue to pant for a while, if they are too hot they will stop activity and wait till they cool down. And even take more naps. They are alot like Dogs, even though they don't seem like it sometimes . LOL
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Panting in cats is normal when the animal is overheated, it's a way for them to cool off.

However, panting after little activity is somewhat concerning IMO...unless it is really hot [how hot/humid is it up there?] and she is in the heat constantly. The reason it is concerning, is that cats rarely pant.

Pretty Simple Experiment:

Not having been in Ontario, I would presume that it cools off a bit at night...right? When it's cooler, get a toy and play with her, see how long it takes her to start panting again. If it takes a while, or she doesn't start panting, I wouldn't worry one bit. But if she starts panting within a few minutes of playing with her, in cooler temperatures, I would definately reccomend consulting with her veterinarian [if at all feesible]

Probably just the heat though

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Thank you very much for the advice. I might try that tonight to see how quickly it starts. I'm also trying to get an AC unit installed (hopefully tomorrow) so that should make things better. It's easy to tell that the kitties are not enjoying this heat at all.
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You're welcome Renny

I'm sure you wouldn't mind the A/C either

Let us know how it goes,

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and the cats are ecstatic! Within minutes of turning it on they were running around the apartment like crazy!

And of course i'm enjoying it too!! Just in time...weatherman says plenty of more hot weather on the way!
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besides.. a Medium hair will have more problems with the heat than a short hair.. .Maybe shave your kitty? Some people do do that...
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