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I got my secret santa gift

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I just got my secret santa gift and I love it!!!! Thank you so much!!!

For those of you wondering I got a Page-A-Day Calendar "America's Favorite Cat Calendar" I just love calendars.

I will be mailing my gift next week.
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I mean, I know who it was, but did she tell you outright or make you guess???????
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I know who it is (she put her name on the return address) but I'm not sure if I should tell just yet because if we all start telling then those who are left can figure out who their person is before they get their gift.

Oh no!!!! Was I supposed to not open it until Christmas. I just got so excited I just opened it!
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that you couldn't wait.....I know someone else who jumped the gun and opened hers already if that makes you feel better.......
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Uh-oh....bet we can't guess who that was!!!
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the calander sounds great....I mailed my secret santa out about 2 weeks ago and I am just hoping it arrives in time!

Hissy do you know who else has received their secret Santa?
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Hello! Your "elf" just contacted me because she had heard you moved and was unsure where to send your gift. I sent you a PM hoping you will get it, and am sure glad to see you here, because I have been worried about you!

I will let her know you are okay so she can send it off to you post haste.If your address has changed, you need to let me know okay?

I do know that several people have received their gifts, some (ahem...anxious members) have opened theirs already. But I was waiting till after the holidays and just have everyone post and fess up as to who they drew, and what they got.

Anyway, glad to see you posting, can you catch me up on what your life is like these days? Are you still finding time to ride? I know it is so peaceful for me just to go out and hang around with my horse even though I can't ride him in all this mud and yuck!

take care~~~
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