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Very odd litterbox behaviour..!

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Now this is a new one and I've done a search all over the internet to find some answers, but no luck. Hoping you folks can help.

My sweet-but-scared-of-her-own-reflection cat did something extra extra odd this morning.... The other night we had a BBQ and then last night Inca had managed to 'hunt' a little piece of sausage from the upstairs terrace and bring it indoors. I thought it was poop at first! We figure we'd leave it for her, as she was probably quite proud of her 'kill'. Next morning, she flips out (more than normal) at her reflection in the window. Calms down after a while and I went downstairs and noticed she was in her littertray, pawing at something... Now, I thought this was a piece of poop. Then she grabbed it in her li'l mouth and brought it out of the littertray (!!) and I realized that it was the piece of sausage from last night. She started eating it, then brought it back into the tray and was growling and howling while eating it.

I figure that was her saying to that pesky li'l cat that she thinks is around (her reflection), Oy, this is MY food. But what the heck was she doing eating it in the litter tray!? I scooped it out yesterday so it was reasonably clean, but after that I decided to clean it out completely (it was time to do that anyway...). She used her other litter tray no problem.

We haven't had any, uh, accidents that we know of - but I thought this was the strangest ever thing. She did scratch at the bedsheets this morning while I was in bed, which I assume was her marking the bed in case Pesky Reflection Cat came in.. (silly moo..)

Sorry for the length on this post, anyone have any ideas what this is all about?

Thanks much!!!
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It sounds like she was burying her food in the litterbox to hide it from competition...even reflection cat competition. Sometimes when I put down food for the cats, Ziv isn't interested in eating...so he scrapes at the floor around the dish, trying to bury it.
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hahaha, I really have no advice, but had to post to tell you i was CRACKING UP LAUGHING reading about your cat and the pesky reflection cat!!!!
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