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Need mega good vibes for tiny baby

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Please send any good vibes you can for the little kitten I have just received. This baby is about 1 week old but weighs only 2.8 oz and still has ambilical cord attached. It was found last week in the woods with its siblings (momma was dead). The other 3 were stronger & healthier and nursing so they went to a nursing mom. This one would not nurse so I am bottle feeding.

I'll be up every hour tonight feeding. Please keep us in your thoughts and dreams.
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Oh wow, good luck! I really hope it pulls through for you!
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Sending as many good vibes as possible your way!!! Bless you for taking in the little scrap, he needs all your love and care! Keep us updated on how he's doing, won't you?
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Good vibes coming.
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Precious little one, you're in my prayers. Sending strength and health your way!
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Good luck with the kitty, keep us updated.
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Sending lots of good vibes to that sweet little baby.
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Good Luck with the little one!!
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So far so good although I could use some more sleep.

Little DK is doing well (we are calling him DK, short for Don King, right now because he has a Don King hairdo going with all the hair on his head standing straight up). He has not put on any discernable weight but he is eating between 1.5 and 2 cc’s every 2 hours. He is starting to get a voice (tiny meows when I wake him to feed or when he wants to stop feeding) and his purr is starting (when I purr at him he gives me little clicking sounds back). He is becoming a little more active, bobbing around on his front paws and crawling in his bed and he is doing some weak sucking on the bottle nipple occasionally.

Keep those good vibes coming.
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I feel for you! What I do with the tiny ones is I pouch them. I have a pouch made from an old pillowcase and cord, and it hangs around my neck right over my heart. I have soft bedding at the bottom, and I put the baby kitten(s) inside and just carry them with me. I wear a large flannel buttoned shirt to button them inside close to my body heat. They go with me everywhere and my heartbeat calms them. I feed them inside the pouch as well and it works out for all of us
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The cats and I are sending our prayers!
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Little DK just nursed by himself for 1/2 hour just like he would have on a momma cat. YEEHAW. Kudos go out to the Australia manufacturer of the T4 nipple. I so recommend these for tiny bottle babies.
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Great news tht he is nursing well. You must be taking great care of him. Thanks for the updates!
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