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Pictures of Fat Happy Foster Kittens

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Hissy remarked sadly in another thread that we seem to be seeing a lot of kitten death lately, no doubt because it is kitten season. But since my latest fosters are all doing great I thought I'd share.

Three of the four were from the same litter, they were a bit hissy, the gray one, Jupiter, was the worst. Venus the black kitten (and only girl) was also rather hissy. Pluto the tabby and white was a little hissy, but not like the others.

This little fellow who I named Hamlet, or Hammie, came into the shelter alone. He was romping around while the others huddled in the cage.

The hissy ones warmed up pretty quickly, here they are a few days later cuddled in my lap.

Here they are just a week ago, cuddling in the stuffed animals, they are ready to go up for adoption in about a week!

I adore them all so much. Jupiter has gone from the hissiest to the cuddliest. Venus is a crazy out there chick. Pluto is a little sweety who accidently fell into the trash today. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I had a soft spot in my heart for one of them.

Here's hoping they get homes fast! Two of my last three are STILL up for adoption. *crosses fingers*
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oh my gosh, your kittens are so precious!!! I absolutely love the last picture of you and the kitten on your shoulder!!! PRICELESS!!!
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Sara they are gorgeous. Congratulations on a beautiful family
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sara they are sooo adorable. seriously. ihavent seen kittens so cute in such a long time! theyre lucky kitties to have a mommy like you.i want to adopt one!
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Oh good grief if only i could just reach into the screen for one

That picture of the kitten asleep on your shoulder is just so sweet
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The are so sweet looking I assume that is you in the bottom pic? How cute you both look! You are curled up just like the kitten! Thanks for taking care of these babies!
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Oh they are all so pretty Keep up all the good work and thanks for the pics
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Yes Chris, that is me. Although I admit I was trying to act cute too (I look about 6 years younger than I am, so I can pull it off sometimes).

They will be up for adoption in the LA area soon! Send good vibes (or any good cat owners who want kittens in the LA area!) this way.
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They are all cute but how much cuter can that last one be. It couldn't be any cuter.
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awww they are so sweet! Jupiter is such a sweet kitty!!
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Such sweet little kitties -- all of them, but especially the shoulder snuggle!
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Those kittens really are beautiful! Love the pictures!
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You've done a wonderful job on some cuter than cute kittens........oh how I'd love to adopt them all!!
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I just love the little gray one, if I could I would adopt that little cutie, but with as small as our house is it wouldn't be right to get another. House is hardly big enough for kitters, thank goodness she's a tiny one... When we get a house I want to get another kitty and also do the whole thing around the house with the boards by the ceiling and the steps and purches everywhere.
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That is just SO cute. It makes me want to be a foster momma too! 'Course we'll see just how many of my 8 I can actually get placed in good homes first!
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they look so happy
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