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New here, looking for a companion

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Greetings -

I'm not having much luck finding the 'perfect' companion at this time. I was wondering if anybody could help out...

Here's a little about me: I just moved to Seattle, WA from Wisconsin with my long-time boyfriend, and I'm going to be going to grad school here. We brought with us our beloved, beautiful cat, Willow. She was a great cat, sitting with us (rather than needing to be in a pet taxi) for almost the entire ride. When we arrived, we left her at a friends' place while we went to go check out our new apartment. Willow was wearing a harness so that she could go out of the car to stretch her legs at gas stations on the ride over...I never thought to take it off of her, as she never wore a harness or any type of collar before, as she was strictly an indoor cat. Tragically, while we were gone and our friends were working outside, she managed to catch her harness on some type of piping, and suffocated. I really don't know how it happened, I couldn't manage to hear about the details. It's been about 2 weeks now, and I still feel awful about it - like I know I should have taken the harness off, that these things do happen and I should have been aware of it.

However, I have always adored my cats and am quite fond of having one around. I miss having a cat that wants up in my lap or snuggles at the end of the bed. So I have been on a search to find another, and this is where I'm coming up short.

I want a siamese/seal point/flame point, maybe "talkative" type of cat. There are lots of cats needing homes, I do realize, and I don't want to come off as a person that only cares about the 'color' - but back on the farm where I grew up I used to have a siamese, and I absolutely loved him. This is why I want another one of those types. I've been searching the humane societies around Seattle, but when I do find a siamese, they are charging $125+ for them. Normally that'd be find, but with this move, I'm becoming really strained for money (my position doesn't start until the 16th of this month, and I don't know how long after that before I get paid). I'd -never- neglect veterinary care if needed (I do have a credit card I sparingly use), but I would like to find a cat with a 'small' adoption fee, if possible.

SO, my question to all of you then you know of any siamese people in this area? I'd be willing to take on some type of 'non-show' or 'retired breeder' cat. I don't think kittens would be a good idea, as I'm in an apartment and 'accidents' aren't a good thing when you have a huge security deposit down :\\ Cats that have no problem using the litterbox and don't like to claw the carpet is a necessity (I don't care if they claw my furniture, but the landlord is very picky and it's his carpet). I have access to window that allows cats to go in and out whenever they'd like (that's what the previous tenant did), but I'm a little shy about doing I said, my previous cat was strictly indoors and I do like knowing where my cat is at all times and that he/she is safe and sound.

Sorry this is so long - if you read through it all, thank you for your time and patience. If you have any recommendations for me, it would -really- be appreciated.

Oh, and a cat is already on my lease and ok'd by the landlord, in case you're wondering....I can get a copy to show if needed
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Hi, Sierra and I welcome you to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! Our experts in this area will be along shortly! Congratulations on your soon to be new member of your family! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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Have you tried petfinder?

Warning though, rescue cats are often $80-100 dollars, although it can be cheaper. It is a small price to pay to cover spaying/nuetering, vaccinations, check-ups, etc.

Welcome to TCS and Goodluck! I hope you find the perfect loving companion.
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So sorry for your loss. Willow is at peace in catnip heaven. I'm in Florida so I can't help except to repeat what others have already said about Petfinder
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There is a listing of Retired breeding Siamese here:

Best of luck finding the perfect kitty for your and yours.

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Welcome to TCS!
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Cats are very expensive when they get sick, as I am finding out. My suggestion would be to wait until taking on a cat until financial situation improves, even if the cat is free or really cheap. Otherwise, if the cat needs a vet, you might not be able to afford the vet. And one visit to a vet could cost you around 100$ easy, and that is with just the simplest tests. Especially since you want a purebred cat -they are more prone to being sick and not as robust as mixed breed cats.
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Hi! I am Bobbie, and it is so nice to ahve you here. I am sorry about your darling Willow. Please click on my name, too, and send me a PM if you need help learning your way around here.
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Thanks... I have been using actually - I really do like that site and have known about if for awhile now, just never had to use it :\\ However, I did find a nearby shelter that's doing $40 adoption fees - I think this is a time where there are lots of incoming animals? Springish time I guess.

Tomorrow we are going to look at a couple of siamese. The only unfortunate thing with PetFinder is that the cats can be gone by the time you get there, heh I guess that's a good thing though!
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Well I was about to go to a local shelter tomorrow (they weren't open today), to look at a few siamese I had seen on I had also posted on looking for a siamese two days ago. This afternoon I received an email saying that someone had to find their kitty a new home because she was going to be going away for 2 months for work. This person had originally tried to find someone to cat sit, but two months was just too long, and well, if you look at this cat, it's hard not to fall in love in a day! Besides her beauty, she's got the most wonderful, loving personality, and her owner knew that whomever 'cat-sat' wouldn't want to give her up at the end of two months.

So anyways, I do feel bad for the owner...she seemed to have a hard time letting her go. But here she is - a pure-bred siamese. ...Okay maybe not, I haven't figured out how to put up pics yet :P

Also - wondering if anyone has any better alternatives to de-clawing? Never had it done, but I've read it's -really- painful and she likes to claw the carpet :\\

One of her ears is also very crusty - her owner mentioned this and that if it didn't go away, I should take her into the vets (already plan on doing for a check-up anyways). The ear seems sensitive and she doesn't like it touched - it's not ear mites though...I've seen those before and this is a light crusty stuff where ear mites (that I've seen) have always been a dark dirty looking type of stuff.

A small piece of her nose seems to have a dried section on it as well, I don't know if this is at all related to the ear problem. I wish I had pictures but my cam doesn't take very good close-up shots. It's not a huge deal though...she'll be going to the vets soon enough.

Oh, and she loves to talk
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Oh, can't upload pics directly here's a link
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She is adorable!!! Have you heard of "Soft Paws" its little covers the vet puts over the claws so they don't damage furnature and such. I don't have my cat's claws out or soft paws but have seen them in the vets.

I hope this helps!
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Yeah, I did see them and was thinking of trying them. I wonder, has anyone here tried them and have any reviews to share?
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WElcome to the site! Kitty is VERY pretty!!

There are a lot of alternatives to declawing, the most effective of which is to make sure she has proper places to scratch on, and try different materials until she really shows a preference. My two LOVE the cheap little "Super Scratchers" cardboard scratchers from Wal Mart, Target or Petsmart. My boy is OK with the Sisal scratching post we have, my girl won't touch sisal. But she loves the carpeted kitty condo. We don't have any problems with inappropriate scratching.

Cats are very smart, and if you give them something they approve of and show them where it's OK to scratch (positive reinforcement is the ONLY way to train a kitty!), most likely she will do the "right" thing.

I'll go ahead and merge this with your other thread here, so people will know that you found your kitty.
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Yeah...she has other things to scratch on. I think this carpet is just TOO darn tempting to claw though! Heh, but I think maybe after she's been here a few days it won't be so appealing anymore.
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I personally, don't like declawing, and it really shouldn't be done on a cat older than 2-5 months old anyway.
The older the cat, the more likely there will be problems.

Softpaws have to be removed every two weeks to allow for nail growth, and to let the cat sharpen their claws to remove dead layers.
So you will still need appropriate sufaces for her to scratch.
I use them on my 11 year old, and they work wonderfully.

They are very easy to use, but I do suggest you get your first set from a vet and have the vet show you the proper way to apply them, after that, they can be purchased at Petco and PetsMart.

Good luck with your new friend!
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Yeah...I'm thinking I'll just wait and see if she stops - if not, try the soft paws. I did read through the whole debate on declawing and wanted to post something - but alas! you must be a 'cat' to do so. Oh well... Coming from a background with a bachelor's in philosophy, I must appreciate the logic Spotz used in her/his debate.

I think my own opinion of declawing is such that it shouldn't be banned, but there should be a preliminary screening done to make sure that it's needed and not done for reasons that could be fixed another way. But I guess the 'needed' part is where some people would disagree - I know that some say get a fish or whatever type of pet instead of a cat then, but I think if you take away the number of people that couldn't own a cat then (due to apartment situations, etc), you'd have a lot more euthanized. So...while it may be painful, I would say it's preferable to death :\\

And no, I'm not going to declaw my cat =) I'll work with her forever if need be to try and teach her not to claw the carpet. I'll give up my security deposit if I have to as well.

That little paragraph probably shouldn't be in this section, but alas, it's the only place I could post what I was thinking
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Originally Posted by rachelschoen
And no, I'm not going to declaw my cat =) I'll work with her forever if need be to try and teach her not to claw the carpet. I'll give up my security deposit if I have to as well.
bless you reading those sentences most certainly brought a smile to my face. She is lucky to have you


Welcome to TCS

so glad you joined us and your new kitty is GORGEOUS!!!! If you need help in posting pictures then I or others will be happy to help you out

welcome again from me & my boys
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Thanks very much She's been sitting in my lap for the last hour.
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Hi and welcome to you and your pretty new girl! She's older so it might be hard, but you could try trimming her nails if she'll let you. I'm sure it works better when you can start on them as kittens, but you might get lucky! I believe there are many threads on this site that can better instruct you in how to, since I don't have my own cats yet! Best of luck!
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Welcome. Try clipping her nails. I'm convinced they will never "like" it but most will tolerate it. We clip Bijou's every week (he likes to suckle and he would make a horrible mess of my face and neck if we didn't).
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She's actually -very- good about having her nails long as she's on your lap she's happy! More pics
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!!!!
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hello & welcome! I am donna proudly owned by 3 furrys! Your new girl is beautiful! Congrats!
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Hey Great to see you here!!! I'm new too!!!
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