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Bad Storm!! Tree fell in my yard, Pics!

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We had bad Thunder Storms with high winds come through Michigan today. Around 4:30 the electricity went out and then I heard a loud crack. I look out the window and this is what I saw! The tree limbs cover about 1/2 of the back yard fence line, but only did damage to the wheelbarrow and the fence. I am also including a "before" picture. No one was hurt and I guess we were thinking about a privacy fence anyhow.

Here is the before, this is the area that is covered by the trees and the limbs.

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WOW glad noone was hurt during the storm. That is going to take some time to fix on the fence that's for sure. Yep privacy fence may just be the answer.
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dang, that's scary! I"m glad it didn't fall on your house!!!

I'm glad you're safe!
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Oh my! What a storm that must have been!I'm so thankful noone was injured! Bet you were keeping your babies safe and warm the entire time! You sure do have a bright outlook on the situation!
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Eek! Glad to hear that everyone is OK.
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You live in a beautiful area. I love thunder storms. Don't get many here, I wish we did.
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Happy to hear everyone is safe. Thanks for sharing pictures.
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wow..glad everyone was ok! we have been having storms here too knock on wood..nothing has been damaged yet.
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eeeekk how horrible! im glad everyone is safe! Lightning storms can be freaky but I love to watch the light shows though i hear standing next to the window watching outside isnt to safe at all lol havent got hit yet so Im doing good!
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We had that wind also on Sat night and most of sunday. ended up with lots of little branches all over the place. One larger tree lost a limb but that was away from anything else. What I'm always surprised at is the stuff that stays in place with all that wind!! Windy today but not as bad -more to come however.
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We live in Lansing and we didn't get it all that bad. It rained real hard and we had pea sized hail.
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Wow! I heard Michigan got hit hard! Glad it didn't hit the house!
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Thank you everyone for the kind words. We were so shocked when we seen what happened!! Monte, Vinnie and Caesar were all a little freaked out because of the loud thunder, it was the first thunderstorm they had been through!!!
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Yikes! I'm glad you're okay. Sorry about that.
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