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Well I guess I am back from vacation. We had a wonderful time. I befriended a small (& I mean tiny) nursing cat who lived at my resort. I think cats can tell I am a soft touch. I bet I snuck the poor thing more food in a week then it had seen in months. Nursing mommies have to have sustainance! She was so affectionate. The weather was beautiful. If I get a scanner for Christmas I'll post pictures!
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Glad you had a good time, and its great to see you back!

Look forward to your pics!
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YEY!! Glad you had a good time!! Awww and that schweet little Mummy!! Bet she was glad to meet you!! Wanna see the pics now!!
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I am still waiting for my postcard! lol
Seriously - glad you're back and had a great time.
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Hey yeah! I forgot all about our postcards!! Well, where are they?!! hmm?!! hee hee....only jokin love!
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I figured I wouldn't send post cards because I would be home before anyone got them (it takes 4 wks to get mail from Mexico). Plus - do you really want to be jealous?
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:LOL: No kidding! I was in Cabo 2 years ago and sent my son a postcard the day I got there. I was there a week, and the postcard came to the house 2 weeks after I got home! :LOL:

To heck with postcards...I just wanna see the pics!
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Aren't you the sweetie! Softie! Mushball! Thank God for you!!! :laughing2...Awww, I'm so glad you were there for her and I'm hope you had the best time too!!! I can't wait to see the pics!

Love & Hugs,
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A - I would love to be jealous! Tell me!!!!!!
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