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Ok Last question promise

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Ok ms.peel is staying downstairs with the family and leaving her kittens upstairs so i moved the kits back in my room and her too and im not gonna let her leave. Good Bad or what?
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I saw good idea keeping here confined a room, and not let her have the run of the house.
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she keeps picking them up trying to move them then i grab them and put them back
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Someone more knowledgeable will be along shortly, but from what I remember reading is that you should keep her confined to a place that is out of the "hustle and bustle" of the main house, but not let her wander - is there a room you could confine her to for the time being?
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she is in my room i dont go in there too often she has locked me out of my own room tho she is laying against the inside of the door i tryed to nudge it but she wont budge lol
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ha i did it lol I put her in the cabinet under the big screen in my room and no she has stop moving them around and she loves it. who would of thought!

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It would be best to keep her locked in your room, to ensure that she stays with her kittens. Also, when the kittens get a little older, and start wandering, they can drown in the water shown in your picture. I would suggest putting the water clear across the room until they are old enough... just some friendly advise.
Glad to hear you found "THAT" spot for momma.... sometimes, momma cats can be VERY picky! Good luck with your new kits!

P.S. Make sure they can't get to the cords, either. They might ALL over them!
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Now that is cute! Kittens nesting in an entertainment center! Very creative! Sounds like you are doing the right thing to keep them in your room. I have 2 week old kittens, don't plan a vet visit until 8-9 weeks old for shots.
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Thanks for the support guys today i got her some kitten formula food by eukanube so that i make sure the kits get all the nutrition they need i didnt switch it all i mixed it in with her cat food now like 50/50 hope it helps
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Wow, that TV is in your room? The TV I have in my living room isn't that big! *grin* I am glad your new little family now has a comfy, safe place - now, as nicely as I can ... leave them alone.

The 50/50 mix of the new food may be a little too much to start out with, I normally like to suggest switching over a 4 week period but since you've already done it, watch out for Momcat to have a little loose stool. It will pass on it's own, don't freak out about it, but it can happen.

Just so you know.

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Logan you are doing a wonderful job. Momma cat looks so happy and content under your TV (by the way, awesome TV for your room!!!).
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lol thanks guys my dad had been saving to get his new HDTV LCD TV so i got the old one
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