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Need healing vibes.

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This is for a band tailed pigeon that we saved today.

Last night we found an injured band tailed pigeon. He appeared to have a head injury of some sort. He had made it through the night so my mission this morning was to try to find some place that could help. I found a wildlife rehab center about 60 miles away from us on Bainbridge Island. We loaded the little guy into a box and set off on our journey. They looked at him and did say that he indeed had a head injury but was also dehydrated and malnurished. They said that the injury could have just happened as a result of him being ill. Paws crossed because if his injury is more than 24 hours old than it's likely that he wont make it. I can call to check status of him so I think I will wait a few days then call.

With that said, please send healing vibes and prayers to this little guy. He really needs it.

I will post a picture of him in my arms tomorrow.
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Vibes coming for the birdie.
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aww heal birdy
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Sending good & healthy vibes...
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Good luck Pigeon! At least you gave him more of a fighting chance than he would have had in the wild.
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Here's hoping you found him in time for your efforts to turn the trick for him. Heal birdie!
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