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Would you eat out of a toilet "bowl"?

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Definately would be a different experience
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Ummm... no. Strange what things will catch on and be popular!
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do they want to make me want to throw up?
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Why not? They aren't really used as toilets, so they're not dirty or germy or anything. It's just a gimmic. Sure, I'd eat there, out of one of their "serving" toilets.
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I've seen toilets made into planters and they look really nice. As far as eating out of, I mean come on they aren't used as toilets, why not? I think it's a mind over matter thing. Flush away! I guess this put a new spin on the phrase clean your's now clean your bowl!
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I don't think I could do it. However, I could probably make one of those litter pan cakes and have no problem eating it. Isn't that weird ?
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I would and have a big laugh during and after the first visit. If the food is good I'll consider going back.
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No. I have trouble with the whole mind over matter when it comes to food. I can't eat lamb, tongue, etc, for just that reason.

I have eaten kitty litter cake before though, when my aunt made it. I thought about making it myself a few months ago, but decided not to. Just too gross!
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yeees, i would...

until it was actually hooked up into the bathroom and used for the first time
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Probably not.
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I'd eat anything but chili out of 'em!
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Ha! I'm in Taiwan and I would go there just to see. But from my experience here over the last 3 years, this is just a gimmick and the food would suck big time. (as the gimmick alone is enough to pull people in for long enough to make a profit or break even, and then it will shut down.)

Still, it's pretty funny and if I lived near there, I would give it a go!
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No way!
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Maybe for a lot, I mean alot of money.
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Hmm... if its brand new... and has never been connected to the water mains, and clean... maybe.
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Ok.. other than the fact of not knowing if the toilets were purchase new or not, the whole rice and curry comment has me not wanting to even try. That just grossed me out!!!!
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Nope, don't think I could do it!
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no way, and even if i knew it was a brand new toilet bowl, i really still don't think i could do it either
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