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Depressed Kitten Dying...Send Good Vibes.

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My depresed kitten is now a dying kitten.

She has had very loose stool since yesterday and she eats/drinks very little. She is so lethargic. She does nothing but lay in her bed. I wrapped her up in a jersey-type pillowcase and carry her around or have her sleep on my lap just to let her know she is not alone.

When she does take a little walk she pees and poops wherever she is. I have a litter pan out for her but the only time she uses it now is when I pick her up and put her in it.

I have a vet. appointment for Monday (tomorrow) afternoon and I seriously have doubts that she will get through the night and part of Monday.

What breaks my heart and is really starting to get me angry about the situation is that I have contacted 2 feline/adoption/TNR groups in my area and simply because they are in some screwed-up (can I say that) political battle, my feral colony problem has not been addressed. My feelings are more litters will be on the way and I'll be trying to save more & more feral kittens.

Anyway, I will do my best with this little one who seems to be very sick and hope for the best for her. All good wishes appreciated.
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Good vibes coming her way.
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It doesn't sound like just depression to me. I think something else is wrong with this kitten. She might have a disease like Felv, for instance.
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You are right, this is definitely not a case of good ole depression anymore. Her littermates are fine and for whatever it is worth, her cousins are Felv negative. She is too young to be tested accurately.

Will try to stay by her side as much as possible through the night and get her to the vet. tomorrow afternoon.
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This baby may have distemper. She should be separated from the other kittens / cats.

You can try feeding her a mixture of water and canned food from a syringe - if she is old enough for solids. Give her lots of liquids (water, watered down KMR, water or KMR blended with canned food if she is old enough) - as much as she will take as often as she will take it.

From the sounds of it the key to her survival right now is to keep her hydrated and nurished until your vet visit.
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Thank-you for the suggestion. I happen to have some KMR and was thinking of even breaking out the old bottle. Want her to have any nutrition that she can right now. Will mix some KMR with solids and hopefully she will go for some of it.
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I dont really know what all happened because im so tired of watching my kittens so im just gonna say good luck and god bless the kittens
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If you can get fluids into her, you still have a chance. Pedialyte would be best and if she refuses it, spits it out then mix it half and half with water. Syringe it slowly for her down her throat, not to quickly. Even tiny bits at a time put you ahead of the game- keep her warm, but not on a heating pad- because of her dehydration issue, a human heating pad will do her more harm than good. Take an old sock, fill it halfway with minute rice, tie off the ends and nuke the sock for 30 seconds in the microwave. Tuck the sock around her so she can find comfort-

Best of luck, seems like a lot of kittens are dying these days-
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Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.

About 1-hour ago, the little stray (feral) past away. My whole family is in tears...very sad.

I am a bit confused on what happened with her though. Her littermates were adopted a few days ago and they are fine. I heard they were bouncing around and very happy with their new home/family.

So, now I'm feeling guilty...maybe I gave her something wrong...maybe I'm just looking for an answer. I know...I know...these things happen especially with litters from ferals/strays.

Just venting here but I truly wish my TNR group would put their darn ego's away and focus on what the real problem is. Sadness is turning into anger.

Well...again, thank-you to all who gave good wishes and good suggestions.
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Oh that's very sad, poor little baby, I hope it will be ok, it's so hard when they aren't feeling well, I have my fingers crossed for you and sending prayers your way
I feel very lucky that all the ones I rescued up till now(16) have been healthy, I have the mommy and 5 babies that are probably almost 3 mos and as soon as I am able they will be going to the vet also, they are the sweest little things, mommy is going tomorrow to get taken care of, thinking of you and hoping all goes well..
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Oh I am so sorry, I just posted a minute ago on your messgae, Bless you for caring and doing the best you could, sometimes we can't alway's help them, do not blame yourself, My Heart goes out to you
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It is natural to try to think about what you may have done wrong, or at least could have done differently. But do not blame yourself. Poor little baby. You are good to have cared for her. I am glad the rest of the litter is ok. Condolences for losing this one!
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I saw your post Halfpint and thank-you.

It seemed like it happened so fast which is probably a good thing...little suffering.

It is definitely a lifelong learning lesson in this house. I have a 12-year old son who was beside himself. This is the second litter we have brought in. The first litter we lost 2 and decided to keep the remaining two. This 2nd litter we lost this little one and adopted the other 2 out to a really loving home.

When I asked my 12-year old if he would do it all over again...the 24-hour bottle feeding, the cleaning, all the ups & downs of newborns...possibly having some of the litter lost again...his response was "yes, mom, it would be worth just to save even one". Very sweet. I am glad he has been exposed to the whole
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What an incredible family you have! The strength of your 12 yr old is awesome, and very inspiring. Of course YOU have set the example for him; I'm just sorry your experiences have held so much grief for all of you. Hopefully the next litter you foster will be 100% healthy and give you years of joy. My sympathy on your loss, and my admiration for all you do.
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im sooooo sorry
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Because of you the kitty had a wonderful home for its short stay here.
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I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your little one. It is hard with ferals with all the things they come in contact with before you get them. Do not beat yourself up, it sounds like you did all you could for her. My thoughts are with you and your family. RIP little one.
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