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Goodbye, Onyx

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You were only with us for one short year of your long life. We didn't know until last week just how old you were; we thought you half of the 14 yrs old that Dr Montero guessed you to be.
I wish we had a longer time together. You'd had such a tough early life, we were told, and you were finally in a place where you were loved and cared for.
But it wasn't to be.
I am so glad that T and I were able to be there with you when you crossed the Bridge this afternoon. We got to say goodbye and hold you, and the last things you heard were us telling you we loved you, what a good girl you were.
I will miss so much about you. The little tap of your paw when I wan't paying enough attention to you. The soft, light weight of you walking up my leg to get to my hip, where you'd settle down to sleep. Your silly overgrown top fangs that made you look like a vampire kitty. The gentle headbumps you'd always give.
Be at peace, little one, and know how very much you were, are, and always will be loved by us.
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I've been fallowing your story with Onyx, I'm so sorry she didn't make it for your sake, but so glad that she had such a sweet ending for her own sake. I'm sure she is resting in peace.
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Awe, poor Onyx! I'm sorry she didn't find you sooner, so she could have spent more time with you. Thank you for making her last year happy! Condolences on your loss!
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I'm so sorry about Onyx. You were a strong brave kitty, and I'm glad that the last year of your life was a wonderful year.
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I'm so sorry.

Rest in Peace dear Onyx.
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Oh Sue & Tybalt - I'm so sorry to hear about Onyx!
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I am so sorry to hear about your loss...Onyx is in a better place now, just as you have said...May she finally Rest In Peace.
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I am so sorry to hear of this news Sue

you most certainly did your best for Onyx, and she knows how much she was loved by you both

she will be watching over you now and waiting until you can meet again

RIP sweet Onyx - enjoy those wings precious girl
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sorry for the loss
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Oh that made me cry.... I am so sorry for your loss. I'm sure Onyx is looking down on you and purring right now, just waiting to see you again.
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I am sorry to hear of your loss of Onyx. My thoughts are with you. I am sure she knew how mubh she is loved and is watching over you now, until you meet again. RIP Onyx.
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Bless you, Sue, for all you do. I am sorry for your loss.
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Thank you, everyone. Your kind words and thoughts are much appreciated.
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