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Since When???  

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Since when did we start rating threads around here? I haven't seen a Thread rated in quite some time! I have no idea who rated the MJ Thread, but it was called to my attention and all I could do is laugh. How childish! Obviously it's someone that didn't like it that's for sure...well, too bad :laughing2....,but some of us enjoy it and will continue to do so whether you like it or not! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2

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Hee hee I rated it top notch!! Lots of fun!
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Excellent spelling...Good use of smilies...
This one's a 5.

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YEY Alexnell...wanna join us?!! (if you dare.....Waaaahahahaha.... )
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Michelle!!! :angel2: :laughing2 hahahahaha! Spelling and usage of smilies! That's hilarious! We'd love for you to join us too! Right me bloke, Rhea? hahaha! :laughing2:LOL:

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Oh, yes! The more the merrier, I say! Come along Alexnell.

I give the MJ thread 2 thumbs up! That translates into 5 stars. Don't ask me how though... it's a quite complicated mathematical process.
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Well Jin, I can explain see if you have two thumbs.....and the total value of points is five, then you must deduce that each thumb is worth exactly 2.5....therefore, two thumbs up equals 5 - top marks!! (But I'd keep yer thumbs on that bottle if I were you.... someone might steal it!)
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See? I told you it was quite complicated.
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Ok, maybe I'm getting thickheaded in my old age but where do you see that the thread is rated?
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Oooops..nevermind, i see it now...

Too bad we cant read the reviews too!

Like they say on Jenny Jones...
"Don't be a player a participator!"
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I've also heard that "Just cause you're not the parade, doesn't mean you have to be the rain! :laughing2:laughing2:laughing2

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sometimes I wonder if people are just jealous
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Well, no one has to feel jealous if others are having a silly, good time, they can join in on the fun...the catch phrase "the more the merrier" applies.

If someone sincerely doesn't like it, the option to choose that is certainly open, however; another catch phrase would apply "if you don't like it...leave. Not the site of course, but the Thread...what's the big deal? :laughing2

This thread is not to stir up contraversy. If others want to post, that's up to you. I don't need to defend my actions; especially since it's been a lot of fun interacting with other members

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I've always enjoyed it, I didn't realize anyone had rated it till now. I guess I feel that if you don't like a thread, either don't participate in it, or if you find it offensive, report it to a moderator.
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If someone chose to give this thread a "low" rating instead of flaming somebody, that's a step in the right direction around here.

Somebody got an opinion out without being nasty. Why don't we employ the "glass half-full" approach? It's the only thread with any "stars" at all!
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There are always going to be people who don't like some of the threads here. I agree with Deb 25, the low rating on the thread IS better and less offensive than flaming someone!
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If its any consolation to you Guys/Gals, I have been reading the MJ thread since its inception and I really liked how everybody came together in the end to just have a little fun. After all, isn't that what what The Cat Lounge is all about besides cats? Each and every person is entitled to his/her own opinions about things, just be glad that it got a rating at all, and noone flamed it or the people that posted on it.
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Philip :angel2:

OMG! :laughing2 Are you always watching and laughing from behind the scenes or what??????
Love C.
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Thanks for the rating Philip!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!
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Catarnia--These ratings make it soooo easy for just anybody to find your threads now!!!! Isn't that nice????? :flower: (only teasing!!.....and running away really fast!!! )
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I welcome anyone to rate any Thread I start! Come one come all...:laughing2 :laughing2 Why run? Just dance! :laughing2

Love & Dancing! :laughing2

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