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Do you like rainbows?

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I was watering our front lawn today, and captured this.........I wonder if I follow it to the end if I'll find my pot of gold?

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Awesome pics Susie! If you find the pot of gold, remember you have to share with your TCS family!!
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Great Pictures I love rainbows.
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Neat pics Susie! I love rainbows, they always put a smile on my face when I see one.
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I love rainbows. Whenever I see one it reminds me of a special someone I lost, I look at them and it makes me think it's him looking down on me
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Great photo's. Very beautiful
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I love rainbows too. I don't get to see them that often in NJ. I used to see them a lot more in Florida when it would rain for 20 minutes and the sun would come back out. In NJ it's rains all damn day. lol

I got to see two rainbows a few weeks ago. They are beautiful and really neat to see one. I always want to find the end of them too. lol
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Ah yes, rainbows. We get them fairly frequently in spring and fall, when there is a fair bit of rain, and often the sun will break out while it's still raining. Those times of year, the sun is at a good angle for decent rainbows. Here's one I caught a couple of months ago...

It was a "double", but you could only see that at the other end of it...

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So lovely, Susie!
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Originally Posted by Purity
I love rainbows. Whenever I see one it reminds me of a special someone I lost, I look at them and it makes me think it's him looking down on me
Oh, hon, they're always looking down... not only that but in spirit form they now know everything in your heart. I was told once by a psychic that my dad is now my guard... which I've known since the day he died. Maybe your special someone is your guardian angel, too!

And Ms. Used-to-be-Rapunzel... THOSE are the kind I like! The ones where they seem to magically appear, seem so huge that you could never find it's end... why am I singing The Muppet's "Rainbow Connection" now?
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That pic would look nice even without the rainbow. You must have such nice trees in that area. Your street is so nicely shaded Susie!
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Thanks Ryan......everything is so green right now, but give it a month. The heat of the summer takes it's toll and everything will get yellow and brown.

Frannie, just LOVE those pics!! WOW!!

Purity and Sooz123, my father passed in March of 2003, and I am a FIRM believer that he is now my guardian angel...........he may not always be able to protect me from bad things happening, but he will always help me through whatever life has in store...........and there is great comfort in that for me.
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rapunzel, those rainbow pictures are just breathtaking.
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Thanks, Susie. I had intended to post them when I took them, but I guess I got sidetracked. Your lovely pics reminded me -- thanks.

Yes, Sooz, rainbows like that make the rain easier to take

Thanks, Hope.
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Oh yes I love rainbows. In fact the kids around here know that I am a Rainbow chaser. Most especially when it comes to getting a picture.
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beautiful pictures!!! I LOVE rainbows!!!
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