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A dream in blue jeans!

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Yes, its John Schneider - I met him yesterday at the Dukesfest - waited 6 hours in line just to see him. And boy, is he gorgeous. While he was signing my stuff, it took all I had to refrain from jumping on him and licking his arms! He really has nice arms! Thats not me in the picture - they were the security people.

But seriously though, he really is nice, his wife is very nice also - the Dukesfest had some kind of policy that only polaroids could be taken because it takes too long, and so I have a polaroid picture of him with me and Jake and he has the most beautiful smile - I asked his wife if taking pics were allowed and she said we could while he was signing and winked. So Jake quickly took one but he didnt look up while signing - I happened to look from staring at him and thats why I look so dorky.

But he was sooo nice, and sooo tall and sooo dreamy. I still want to marry him like I did when I was 6 years old!

I John Schneider!
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Congrats! It must've been a lot of fun. I've been to a couple things like that with celebrity signings, and I never know what to say to them... they've heard it all 100 times before!

I, personally, was a Luke fan! Wonder what happened to him... I'm certain he didn't age as gracefully as John did!
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Goodness! He's aged quite like a fine wine!
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Originally Posted by RoseHawke
Goodness! He's aged quite like a fine wine!
Well said! He's kept himself in shape!
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Hubba Hubba! Like you, Kellye, I was SO in love with him!!! I even has his album...on 8-track. How very cool that you got to meet him!!
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I'd let em' park his boots under my bed
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He is dreamy, isn't he? Good for you! by the way, you DO NOT look dorky!
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My cousin looked soooo much like him in his younger years...the girls used to hit on him all the time. lol
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I was majorly in love with him once, too. You know you're getting older when you think he is just as hot as the guys who play Clark and Lex on Smallville.
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How exciting, Kellye! This must be a dream come true for you! He's still as attractive as ever!
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