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Dwelling in The Darkness

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Dwelling in the Darkness

I was dwelling in the darkness;
Living in disguise;
Runing with dark angels;
Tears within my eyes.

There was no one I could turn to;
No one there for me;
So scared that God locked Heaven's door
And threw away the key.

When I finally crumbled to my knees,
I could take no more;
The life that I was leading,
My Saviour could not ignore.

So He sent me his disciples;
Although I could not recognize;
The many times He sent them;
They were strangers to my eyes.

It was just the mere beginning,
Starting with a friendly smile;
We were talking on for hours,
We had walked a few short miles.

The rebirth in a lifetime,
Can happen in one day;
Faith is to take the risk,
To let Him lead the way.

Oh no, I'm not perfect Lord,
There's so much that I lack,
But there's no way I can keep your Love,
If I don't give it back.


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Cat - your poem was absolutely very moving. What a wonderful way to start my mmorning! I think I shall remember this as I trudge through my day.
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How sweet of you, Deb I hope you have a great day

Love ya,
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That was the sound of my jaw hitting the ground. Cat,this hit home HARD!! You described my early life to a T. You are definitely a gifted artist and should be doing more of this. YEAH!!!!
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Wow! Thanks! I don't know what to say, but thank you sooo much...I've never posted my poems. I basically did it for Philip...:laughing2

I'm so glad that we can relate to one another, but sorry that you through a lot of s*** too!, Sometimes we have to go through that to come out smelling like a rose! :laughing2:laughing2: *teehee, little play on words there! :laughing2

Love ya!
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Thank you Susie I'm stunned anyone's even read it! :laughing2..
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Woweee Cat!! That was fantasic!! You are sooo talented at so many things!! I've always totally sucked at poetry!! Are you going to make a compilation poetry book any time soon?
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:laughing2 Rhea, you never cease to amaze me...are following me! :laughing2 I sure hope so, cause I'm lost! :laughing2

Thank you ...you're so cute! I'll see ya in a bit love...keep a cold tinny fer me.....:laughing2 I missed our conversation this morning !

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You poem is beautiful - it touched my heart!
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Hi Adrienne:daisy:

Thank you so much...it's very inspiring to hear that, it truly is

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Your poem is so beautiful; it really touched me (it pulled on those heart strings a bit). You are such a talented lady! I think you really should do a compilation and please share more! I don't come to this forum much because I get kinda jealous. I have one of those complexes of "why does everybody have a talent except me." and after reading your poem I regret that I haven't come here that often.
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Awww Sabra :daisy:

I have no clue, but thank you soooo much. I guess I'm not the only one that feels that way! I posted this just cause of my boyfriend. I'm usually very self-conscious of my poetry or anything I do, that's why it's difficult for me to share it, but after these nice thoughts from everyone...I think I'll post another very soon.
Thanks again!
Love & Hugs,
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What a beautiful poem!! I look forward to reading more!

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Awww...thank you my sweet! From one poet to another, that's a very generous compliment.

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Catarina, your poem is beautiful! Don`t ever be self-conscious about that winderful gift God has given you! The gift is a "light" that should not be "hidden under a basket". Really, Cat, I would love to see more of your poetry.
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Awww...Thank you Sue That's so sweet of you! Everyone's been so kind. God is soo good to me .I can't believe it...Thanks for being so supportive, I'm kinda climbing out of my shell slowly...haha.

I keep threatening to post another... :laughing2

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