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You will not believe it!

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Bf's mum has found a 6 week old kitten, and ITS A MIRACLE THAT BF SAID YES!
I still dont believe it though, its such a shock to me that he said yes.
i mean yesterday we had a big fight over a tiny fish.
I asked him why he said yes and he said "well firstly i know youve always wanted two
and secondly because Teufel needs a playmate. BUT TWO IS ENOUGH!"
so now we have sorted out that teufel is going to get neutered while im gone to sicily
so everything is finally falling into place

i am going to keep the kitties seperated and read through the introduction, so lets hope everything will go good!!
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Congrats!! We want pictures and a name.
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Okay what ever, im pissed!
As usual people Bull**** me!
this irresponsible woman let her cat out, so now she has kittens, She wants 100 euros for a kitten that has no breed.. not only that, but the kittens havent even been to the vet so she still wants 100 euros ::censor::censor::censor::
I told my bf that i refuse to pay that much, when it wasnt true that the kitten was outside in the rain with out a home.
I started barking at my bf that people like her shouldnt put false advertisements around, and that his mum should have asked her more questions instead of directing her straight to us.
oh well no kitty, atleast not now...
Bf wants another smart kitty like teufel so im sure the right one will find us!
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I'm so sorry Fran I got all excited for you when I read that first post. I hope that dumb woman's kittens can go to a good home and that she is more responsible with her cats in the future!
I know the perfect playmate for Teufel will come along one day though
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Sorry about the disappointment. Fran, people are usually advised to ask for a fee to ensure that the kittens aren't "adopted" by somebody who is going to use them as snake food, pit bull bait, or the like. You could ask if the woman is willing to refund the fee once the kitten is inoculated and wormed, in order to "prove" you're a serious pet lover. Most shelters also ask for a €50 to €100 fee for a domestic shorthair.
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Bummer, Fran. You will find another.
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yes well, ive heard so many stories today that i odnt know what the heck to believe, first she found this pregnant cat roaming around, take her in and sell the kittens because she has no money,
then i hear that she never wanted her cat spayed so she just let it roam,
She said a different price to bf's mum.
nd she wrote in an adversizement on the newspaper that these kittens urgently need a home because they were found.
So i dont trust this woman, because she wants the money first (as in today) and then gives you the kitten when its 12 weeks old. (and yet not take it to the vet)
Not only that, but it got my bf mad about it because immagine a kitten that really is out in the woods and needs a desperate home.
Plus we arent in a hurry to get another kitty but we are accepting a kitty that needs a home.

Like a kitten from a shelter is 90 euros, but atleast you know that they have been to the vet and had check ups,

I dont even know what to think anymore im just angry at the lady, for the too many lies.
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That stinks Fran!!!! The right kitty will come to you at the right time, all mine did!
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Aw Fwan!! What a bummer! I can understand your reluctance to take a kitty from this woman, when her story keeps changing -- especially as you thought you were providing a home for a rescue, and not yet really looking for another kitty. I hope the babes find good homes. The right kitty will come to you when it's time. It's always worked that way for us.
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I don't blame you for not accepting a kitten from her. She sounds crazy.
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Awww sorry about that Fwan But at the end of the day, a new playmate for Mr T was not meant to be at this time. I am sure something else will come up!
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yes well today is a new day and im over it..

Thanks guys for your comphort
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