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HTML in signatures...

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Anne, i was just curious why html options and img code are turned off in our " profiles " ?

its quite normal, everywhere i go, to have a photo of some kind as your signature...

it would be nice to have something more creative in our signature space, especially a cat photo !

is there a specific reason for this ?

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Well, there is a reason why the HTML is off - if people can add HTML, there is the risk of damaging the tables (this whole forum is table based in its design).

As for the img code being off - no reason really, that was just the default. I think I can turn it on with no problem. I just don't want people to add huge photos for their signature as that would slow down the forums. I'd like to set a rule for maximum size of the image files in the signatures. What would you think that should be? I think that a max height of 80 pixels or so and max width 0f 120 pixels is resonable. What do you think?
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i think that size is reasonable, and i think its a good idea to be able to have a small photo as our signatures, if we so chose. i wouldnt worry about the size factor as most people seem to have that common sense, but a restriction is also an option, of your discretion.

i'm going to start creating mine now

thanks for your quick response.
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