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Peaches is injured and missing!

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A feral girl who I adopted last year is injured and missing. She is buff and white, and was spayed after being fostered at someone elses house with a litter of kittens. She never lets us touch her, but she would not run away until we were within 5-10 feet of her.
Last night we found her in the barn, on top of the hay. Her right eye was swollen almost shut, and was bloody. She limped away, as if her back leg was injured, when I tried to approach her. I left her alone, after putting fresh water, canned food with an antibiotic mixed in, and a soft towel near her. This morning the food was still there, but Peaches-and-Cream was gone.
Tommy the feral male she used to stay with went to the vet yesterday for neutering. Of course he is missing now, but I really don't see him that often anyhow. He is truly feral, and a brown tabby. So he both hides from us and blends in to the shadows!
We were gone all day today, visiting relatives out of state, and tonight there is still no sign of Peaches or Tommy. Please pray for her health, and that they will find each other and pair up again. Thank you.
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Oh gee I hope they show up, and I hope she's ok, they will be in my thoughts and prayers, maybe she's just hiding somewhere, they do that when they aren't feeling to great
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Thank you very much. I sure hope she is hiding and healing. I will post when I know anything.
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I hope that these two are OK, and huddled up somewhere nursing each other to health...
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Well wishes go out to both Peaches and Tommy. Stay safe and stay dry sweet babies.
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Hey, sry to hear about your cats. Not ot be a downer, but sometimes when my cats are injured they run away to die, so they don't have to put thier owners threw the pain. I hope its not your case. PRAYING HARD FOR UR CATS
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Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers. No sign of Peaches or Tommy today. We have a farm, so there is a pole barn to hide in, or the horse barn. Peaches was last seen in the horse barn on the hay. The hay is stacked on a wooden floor. Cats have always hidden in the bales of hay, and under the wooden floor. I am pretty certain Peaches is there. She is not one to meow at us, or let us know she is there. I believe it will be several days before we see her, if she heals.

I think the barn is a safe place for her. She is one to travel out in the fields and hunt, and my guess is that she ran into trouble outside. We have neighbors with a dairy farm who have lots of outside cats. They have had trouble with feral cats this year, as we have. But I think the mix of cats we have are capable of "holding" the horse barn and defending it from intruders. (Or if the ferals are like Tommy, they can assimilate into the mix.)

My little innocent housecats sit safely inside. They have never had to defend their lives, or even their dinner bowl. Extra hugs to all the innocent, protected inside babies. And extra prayers to all the feral cats out there, that they will be able to find a stable colony and live safely.
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Still no sign of Peaches or Tommy. But Josie is still out in the barn, and she and Peaches get along. I have this feeling that Peaches is in the barn, hopefully healing. More food than Josie can eat is disappearing every day.

I so want to just get a look at her, to assess how she is doing. Will post as SOON as I know anything! Thanks for your continuing prayers for this shy, beautiful girl.
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Please get well and come home soon, little Peaches!
post #10 of 18 may help you find them- Best of luck-
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Originally Posted by hissy may help you find them- Best of luck-
Thanks, Hissy, but Tommy is totally feral and Peaches is mostly feral. And we are out in the country. If he doesn't show up, I can check the nearby dairy farm and see if he moved in protest to me neutering him (LOL). But Peaches has been here since last fall, and I don't think she will leave.

I just need to let go of my timing, and let her heal in kitty time. I just had it in my head that she would show up by today. But knowing her shyness, even if she is feeling better she might stay out of sight! I am really not used to ferals, having had pet kitties my whole life. So it is frustrating not to be able to call her and have her know I am here to help.

There is food and water available to her in the barn. As soon as we have a sighting I will post!
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Poor thing! I hope she is recovering and you find her soon!
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Plenty of prayers going out on behalf of Peaches & Tommy, Beckiboo! Years ago, we had a stray cat in our yard, & she got hung up in the fan belt of my dad's car. It was in winter. Not until the following fall, did we see her again, in the company of an old mama cat. Later on, the cat had kittens sucessfully; she even let us tame her kittens, although she never cared for us to touch her. I share this story to encourage you in your wisdom & insight about Peaches possibly healing in kitty time. And if you could have seen Sandie, my Himmy rescue, a month ago...friends & family don't recognize her; in fact, when I saw her, I think that she was looking for a place to die. Since Peaches has a barn, with shelter, food & water, she may just as easily be applying for that 6th or 7th life as opposed to "cashing in" on the 9th. Thank you for keeping us posted; I'll keep checking for more! Susan
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I think as you well know that strays/ferals are fairly durable cats. When I briefly took care of Tommy-I knew he had been in prior battles. Hopefully you will spot her later this weekend. Good luck!! I hope they are both alive and well.
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Ok, I decided that today was the day. I will be home all day, and am trying to track down Peaches. Meaning, I will put out treats, in hopes that she comes out for it. Please pray that if she is still alive, she will let me get a peek at her today.

It is not that I don't care about Tommy, but he is so wild I don't expect to see him. And he was simply neutered, I'm sure he is fine. Peaches, on the other hand, worries me!

Thanks. I will update later today!
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Good luck. I hope you find her safely.
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Oh, darn. I put out almost a whole can of salmon, on separate plates. I gave about a tablespoon each to Garfield and Festus, and about a 1/2 cup to Will, who is outside. The rest I spread out over 4 plates. Will ate his, and emptied the next 3 plates. Then he layed next to the last plate, protecting it. When I checked later, it was empty, and he was napping!

What a bad piggy boy! And I don't want to put more out now, because it is very warm today, and I don't want it to go bad. Tonight, I will lock Will in the garage, and put out more treats. Even if I don't see her eat it, if I can attract the cats back to the yard...

Someone is still here besides Will. The food in the horse barn is being eaten. DH says Peaches is probably ok, because if she died in the barn there would be an odor. But unless I see her, I just have a bad feeling.

I will post when I know anything. Poor little girl.
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Well, no news of Peaches. The neighbor says they haven't seen her, but they have a lot of barn cats, and some of them are her colors. Theirs are friendly, and Peaches-and-Cream is pretty feral. But I don't know if she could have shown up and they didn't notice her? They have a working dairy farm, so the cats aren't the first priority when they are out working.

Tommy was seen today. DH saw him out at our horse barn. We do have mean raccoons in the horse barn, and we think that is what has been fighting with our cats. The cats moved to the polebarn, and I have been feeding them a little there. I just give them a few bowls of food, so they can finish it off and not leave anything for the raccoons. Well, since dh saw Tommy, he did put out some food in the horse barn (he had quit putting out food, since the raccoons were eating it).

I am pretty sure Peaches is gone, but maybe just maybe since Tommy is around, if she is still alive she will show herself! If she does, I will post!
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