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Stray kitty problem

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There is a stray cat (who I've mentioned before) who is really sweet and I've been feeding. She lives outside my apartment. She's become very trusting of me, and it's obvious she wants to come in my apartment. Tonight, for instance, it was raining, and the second I opened the door she comes meowing and tries to get in. I can't let her in because my roomate is allergic. Question is.. I made her this small shelter thing out of a styrofoam cooler, and it's sitting on my back porch in a little storage closet. I made it to keep her warm on these cold nights. But she won't get near it. What should I do? It's not really where she normally hangs out, but that is in the front parking lot area, and I can't put it there. I've tried tempting her around the building with food, and she will come, but unless it's raining she doesn't seem to understnad the point of it, and is scared to go in it. If it's raining, she won't come out from under a shelter to follow me to the back. And she's skittish about being picked up, so I can't carry her around. How else to get her into it? I"m worried for her because it's getting cold, but I can't seem to get her into it without forcing her, and that scares her, of course. Any suggestions on how to tempt her into it? She's a sweet little girl cat and I'm worried about her Thanks for any info.

ps..she's got a name now..Waverly Anne
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Is it possible for you to spend time with her in the area of the shed? Maybe is she recognizes that you frequent this area, she will be more comfortable. She associates getting attention and food from you in the front of the building, not in the rear. Also, what about a little cat nip there or some of her very favorite treats? It sounds like you have made good rpogress with this little one getting her to trust you as much s she does. How about a name for this lucky street babe? It seems she has won over a part of your heart!
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Yep, she has officially received a name "Waverly Anne". The Waverly is from a character in "The Joy Luck Club", and the Anne is just for legal purposes. And oh yes I love her so much she's such a sweet kitty! And I can try to feed her around there and stuff..it's just that she's never there! But I can tempt her around probably with some treats or something. Thanks

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Welcome back, Vegan!

Do you think it's possible to close off all doors in the apartment, then let her in and lure her out back with treats and pets?
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Waverly Anne is a wonderful and very dignified name for your little one.
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Well illusion..that'd be hard to do because from the living room of our apartment you can get to the entire upstairsa nd kitchen without doors. And, besides, if she were inside where it was nice and warm, why woudl seh want to go out ,where it was cold? I thought maybe some catnip in the shelter would be a good idea..I'm going to buy some as soon as possible and try to tempt her with that. Oh and thanks for your compliment of the name, Debra I like it too!
Happy Holidays everyone!

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One more thing...I'm not so worried now because I reliezed she hangs out under the apartmetns in a crawl space..I saw her crawl out of it one day. So, at least she has a place to go to keep out of the drafts.

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