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Motion Detector Lights

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I'm sure you're all familiar with these lights. Once motion is detected, by a car; animal; person; what have you, the light senses motion and turns itself on. That's right, a bright light suddenly appears on the object that caused it to start.

What I don't get is the purpose of these lights? I mean, if it were, let's say, a burglar near your house, why would you give him/her light to proceed with his/her intentions. It's not as if these lights warn the people inside the house that an intruder is outside. HELLO

The funny part about this is EVERYONE has them!

The good part about it is when animals are the cause of these lights going into 'motion' at least they have light so they can have better sight of where they're walking!
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My best guess about using motion detectors to turn lights on a burglar would be that the intention is not to light the burglar's way, but to bathe him in light bright enough to expose his nefarious activity and render this property sufficiently unattractive that he will go somewhere else instead. No security device is perfect, but the most effective ones are the ones that make it preferable to go somewhere else, rather than even trying here.

Of course, if the lights that are turned on are just path lights, rather than security lights, then the only purpose would be so that people who are rightfully there don't injure themselves.

Ahem! That's my theory! Ahem!
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We have one because it was here but its always nice to have it pop on so i can see where I am going. But i do think the orginal purpose was indeed. to bathe them in light. Theifs like to use cover of darkness..when a light pops on it defeats the purpose.
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I agree with katie and fran we have one because our neighbors are extremely nosey so if anyone was around that they didn't know, they'd know whats up and call us or the police fast. Its also nice when I pull in the driveway and someone forgot to turn the carport lights on for me. Then I can see to get onto the porch!
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We have one... it's for us, when we come home at night, we don't have to stumble in the dark, and fumble with the keys, etc.
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I came back to see what everyone posted in response to this thread and realized everyone is taking it so seriously.

Perhaps I should have stated that what I said was meant to be laughed at and not eventually put in the IMO Forum.
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I agree that most people probably use them either to see better at night when trying to enter their own home or simply to make a possible intruder more visible in case of needing to identify them (male, female, skin color, etc.)

I suppose that if everyone has one, it's more likely that no one/neighbors will react to the light as a security device for the simple reason people get used to them being activated.
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hehehe i didnt take it two seriously just letting you know why i am glad we have one
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We originally put one out back because then we knew immediately when the dog wanted to come back inside. Leaving the light by the door on at night while he was outside simply attracted too many bugs. My mom has one on her back deck for the same reason.
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms
hehehe i didnt take it two seriously just letting you know why i am glad we have one
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