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Originally Posted by Arlyn
I'm from Washington and I have a one eyed kitten, does that count?

What a special person you are to take in what most would see as hard to place or unadoptable, I personally think there is no such thing
Hi Arlyn,
Glad to hear from another member who has a "special" kitty too. How did your baby lose its eye? I just looked at a 10 month old red tabby boy at the Oregon Humane Society on 6-15 who was apparently born without eyes, like my "Angel" girl. He has two "no put to sleep" holds on him now (one being mine) so he'll definitely get a home.

I'll look forward to hearing more about your baby too!
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She was born with severe damage in her right eye, and minor damage in her left, and infections in both, as well as a sinus infection and a URI. (She was born in a vet clinic to one of our vet's pregant shelter rescues).
Her siblings all had slightly similar issues though to lesser degrees.

After getting all her infection under control, the damage to her right eye was more evident, detatched retina and a very bulbous eye.

Last Monday it was removed, the size of a pingpong ball, it had been putting pressure on her brain and sinus cavity (her sinus infection is now gone).
There was no bleeding and the eye was essentially dead.
Her stitches came out yesterday, she's healing beautifully, and acting much more like a normal kitten now.

She is still likely to lose her vision in her 'good' eye though as she gets older.
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Poor little sweetheart! It's always sad when they have to start their lives with so many problems that are so severe. It's amazing the strength & courage they have to survive.

I'm sure she'll feel MUCH better with the eye & pressure removed. I just got a rescue who developed a severe URI at as young kitten; her right eyeball ruptured from the pressure, and left her with permanent scar tissue in her sinuses so she will "wheeze" forever, poor girl. Thankfully her other eye is unaffected, so my vet says she should have no problems there.

Hopefully it will take a long time before your baby loses the sight in her "good" eye. How old she is now, and what's her name? I'd love to see pictures of her too. It's wonderful that you've given her such a loving and caring home!
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She's just a little over 3 months now.
Her name is Ivory, but I call her Bug.
I have no pictures yet to put up of her or my other 5.
She's a mix, but as far as looks go, she looks like a Seal colorpoint Ragdoll with a Chocolate-Lynx point tail.
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I think "Bug" is a great name I'm sure she's beautiful.
Thanks for the info. Enjoy her for me too!
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Plaidkitty ! Now why didn't I think of that ? I like it so much better...Plaidbird is my Yahoo name, so the ol' KISS principle kicked in. When first joining a group, one never knows if they're going to stay... and my pattern is never remembering my name.

Yes... My new baby is the same as on Craig's list. Seems she is famous. Your the third person to ask me that. That whole thing turned out very strange. Very sad situation. She claims she is getting the momma cat fixed now, and we can hope so.
I took the last little girl. You will have already seen her picture... she's the all black one. All bones and never been out of a cage or handled. I'm working through many issues with her.
I seem to have found food that she can eat, and get poop like we want... and she seems to have added a little weight the last two days.
Integrating her with my middle kitty is going so well, I don't even worry about them much now. But this has been tricky too.

She started learning to run two days ago... so cute. She would run about 6 or 7 feet and come to a dead stop. Look amazed... turn around and run back the same distance. Then yesterday it went to maybe 10 feet. Poor little thing.

So far today she has started sort of finding out toys are to play with.
It scares her to be picked up..but more and more she comes to sit ON me, and not near me to watch. This is hard. I want to hold her, but I believe forcing the issue would cause problems in the future. Picking her up or trying to 'hold on to her' when she gets on me, causes her to panic and her heart rate jumps WAY up. So wait I shall.
Right now I am waiting till she's asleep on me, then adding a bit of pressure from my hands. That seems to be OK ?

Interesting about the stories of both of your kitties with vision problems. I have a few autoimmune diseases , two of which affect my eyes...and am in a flare up right now, so your only seeing me here on occasion. Keep talking... I'm interested too.

The story about Karma the Huge will be shared... but right now I'm so focused on this little baby. .. who still has not told me her name ! She's so shy.
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