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Extremely nervous...

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In about two hours time, I'm driving to the airport to meet my best friend for the first time.

Yeah, you read that right

I've known this woman for seven years. We met on an RPG/Writer's Forum bulletin board and have been very good friends for years. We've talked on the phone several times, and talk nearly every day via IM, email, and the BB. However I live in Washington and she lives in Pennsylvania, so we've never had the chance to meet.

But she's flying in tonight to be here for three days! I'm so excited but scared to death at the same time.

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Congrats! I know how you feel! I plan on meeting two of my best friends this summer. That I have never met before. One is in AZ and we met in an RPG and one is in KS and we met through a horse forum. HAVE FUN!
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It's so simple, but it's a huge step, isn't it? I hope your meeting goes well, and you connect as if you've never been apart.
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its nice meeting people from offline.. i dated a guy online for almost a year before i met him and when we met (he lived in daytona by my family) it was like we'd known each other forever.. dont be nervous you'll be fine
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Oh, how exciting! I'm sure you will be too busy to post, but I will be watching for updates on how the visit goes! Meeting your best friend for the first time-how awesome!
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I've only had the privaledge of meeting one of my close online friends in person, but really it was more like a reunion than a first time meeting. We had a great time! I'm sure you will too with your friend.
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Oh thats brilliant! I hope it goes well which i'm sure it will.

I'm planning on going to see Susie(kittylover4ever) in 2007, and also Chris(Captiva)while i'm there, and hopefully anyone else?!.
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How wonderful...hopefully our weather will behave (today is a bit grey and seems to want to be rainey - at least in this part of WA state).

My most unusual "meeting someone you knew only online/via phone" was the first time I met my fiance in person, after he flew to NY from WA state
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Best of luck! Sending good vibed to hope your meeting goes as well as possible!
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