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Question for the Cross Stitchers out there

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I've gotten ambitious lately. Quite ambitious, actually! I'm working on an afghan, and so far it's turning out really good. I've got the first square almost done.

But here's my question... In order for this to be a functional afghan, is there something I should do to cover the back of the stitched area so it doesn't fray or loosen the stitches? I was thinking about getting some of the iron-on interfacing and putting that on the back side of the finished squares, but would that make it too stiff to use and be comfortable? Any other ideas, or if anyone else has cross stitched on an afghan, what did you do?
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I have never stitched on an afghan, so unfortunatly I cant help, but I think that iron-on interfacing sounds like a good idea, but like you I am not sure if it would become to stiff.
Surely someone will have some ideas - would love to see the finished product when your done

I have become ambitious lately too and have just finished a cross stitch for a girlfriend whos baby is due in 3 weeks - and now I have just started another for my best friend whos baby is due in 7 weeks I think this last one is going to take me a year to do LOL
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I've never stitched a blanket, but did get one as a present from a friend. The stitches on the back are rather exposed and have started to fray a little, so I display it on my couch instead of using it as a blanket. I imagine iron-on interfacing would be rather rough. Maybe you could back the afghan with fabric-plain flannel would be good since its so soft.
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never done an afghan. That would be interesting. I imagine the ironing thing would make it stiff. I like the above poster's suggestion of the flannel for backing.
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That's a really good idea Christy! I'll have to go looking for some remnants of flannel, or just buy a bit that will match. I'm quite open to more ideas... It will be a while before I'm actually finished with it, so I've got time to ponder the best way to make it work.
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I always tighten the heck out of all "ends" of my stitches so they don't unravel. They sell types of fray check that isn't as stiff as the brand called Fray Check (I use Fray Block by June Tailor which is sold for securing the ends of serged threads - try a fabric store that carriers serger machine threads).

Interfacing will make it stiff. If you secure the ends and perhaps consider putting a cloth backing on it, you should be OK.

What is the material that you are working on made of (e.g. acrylic, cotton, linen, etc)?
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Heidi, I'm doing the same thing, and I've been pondering what type of backing to use. I was thinking felt, but flannel sounds better.
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