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Cool Neighborhood

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I need ideas!!! Help

We bought this house in October, and it's in a neighborhood with 150 houses, "closed" (only one entrance although not gated). Only a few of the neighbors actually had ever met each other, no homeowners association. Most people keep to themselves. Well, ever the instigator my husband and I set up a forum for the neighborhood. Four months later, I instigated the first neighborhood-wide yard sale (3 weeks ago), that turned out to be a smashing success. Something like 20 homes had sales and the roads were jammed with shoppers! Once we got them out of their homes, they had a great time.

After the yard sale several people mentioned that we should do more things like that, so I put out a call on the forum to see if anyone wanted to form an "event planning" committee. They did... seven of us to be exact. Our first meeting is Monday night. The problem is, I've been trying to get them to discuss some ideas online ahead of time, but they're a "we'd rather talk in person" bunch. I've got several, but they may be overly ambitious! I thought ya'll could post any social things your neighborhood does, or what you'd like to see them do.

Some of my ideas were, aside from the yard sale being a yearly gig, a large annual block party (perhaps on the 4th), an outdoor holiday decor contest, an easter egg hunt, forming a "walking" club for exercise, and a few other things I can't remember right now. Any ideas?
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That sounds like a good start! Perhaps something for Hallowe'en?
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