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Brothers --- night and day

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Narsil and Mithril have been home a week now, and some of our observations are that these two full brothers (littermates) are indeed different! Narsil (the brown tabby) is mostly fearless, totally adjusted, and is the one most likely to get into trouble ("Narsil! Off the table! NOW!") He's still a bit hesitant about Kellie da Peke, but is much closer to accepting her. He'll come out of the bedroom ("safe" zone) to be with his people, and seems like he's more into people as it were. Mithril is, well, I don't want to say skittish, more shy and unsure of himself even though hes the bigger of the two. Something new appears? Zip! under the bed. Daddy/Mummy make a strange noise? Zip! under the bed. Although he can be coaxed out and carried out to join his brother who is most likely already wreaking havoc. I can see I'm going to have to make sure that ALL claws are clipped as they can get a bit rough in their roughousing at times and I don't want any accidents.

Also at night, Mithril will get under the covers, and Narsil prefers to be on top of the covers, or over on the nightstand. I've already figured out that I CANNOT keep anything on the nightstand. If I try it, it will be on the floor by morning! They both seem to prefer sleeping on me to my DH which I attribute to the fact that I don't move around nearly as much at night.

Mithril (the blue classic tabby) is going to take much more work to get him comfortable with new situations, but in ways this is much closer to the way Melichus was. Narsil doesn't care. I suspect that everybody is his friend!
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Your kittens are adorable. I'm sure as more time passes they will feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.
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oh they are sooo cute. beautiful beautiful babies!
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what pretty boys
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They are both Beautiful. Are they Maine Coon's by any chance?
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They are both gorgeous, no matter how different their little purrsonalities are.
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Yuppers. Maine Coons --- Congocoons Narsil of RoseHawke and Congocoons Mithril of RoseHawke (pending) if we're in the mood to be formal about it. I waited over a year for these two --- purely for nostalgia I found a stud that traces back to Melichus' sire and dam although they're so far back the contribution is minute at best. CH Congocoons King Cobra --- HCM, PKD and HD free. Mummy is Backwoods Allusion of Congocoons. Long wait, but worth it!
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