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Siamese Mix Female Cat Missing

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My Cat has been missing since August 18th, 2004. She is a siamese mix female named Baby Vicious. She is white and cream colored with a dark tail, dark ears and two stains on her forhead. She was about 1 1/2 years old when she escaped. We used to live in Middletown, New York. There were contractors doing renovations at the apartment complex where we lived. The contractors were from NY, PA, NJ, and CT (there were a couple of others, but not sure where from). I don't know if she jumped into a van or truck with one of the contractors. She escaped through a small hole in a window screen. I posted flyers, checked every animal shelter in our county, went door to door, and searched for her day and night, but we haven't found her. It seems like she vanished off the face of the earth. If anyone has seen Baby Vicious, please e-mail me at lfigueroajr@hvc.rr.com. Our family misses her terribly. I have a picture I can e-mail (I couldn't figure out how to put the pic in here).
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www.lost-pets.org is a website designed to help you. Also the links page on that website will lead you to other websites that will guide you- Good luck!
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I am so sorry for you....and you care so very deeply for your baby. I too have been missing my SiSi since May 18, 2003, but in my heart I know I know the answer. There have been signs the natural world has given to me and I have heeded them. Nevertheless, I don't ever lose hope that perhaps someday she will return. I am too far away to offer help to you in a way that matters, but do know your post has been read and we're sending good vibes to you and safe prayers.
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