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Toothpaste question

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I was wondering if Dog toothpaste can be used on cats?? We have some dog toothpaste at the house and Finnegans breathe is real bad so we wanted to know if we could use that until we can go get some cat toothpaste? I couldnt find anything on the website about it being bad for cats so I figured I'd ask you! Its from eightinonepet.com and when i type in cat toothpaste it comes up with what we have at home. Mom held it up to Fin for him to smell it and he licked his lips... lol Anyyyway I'm rambling What are your thoughts???
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Without knowing the brand name I really couldn't say. I suspect it's fine. Although I don't know if it will do much good. If your cat's breath has already gotten to the point where, as you say, it's "real bad", then it's too late for toothbrushing to solve it, because your cat probably already has periodontal disease. You probably have to take your cat to the vet for a thorough dental exam and treatment as necessary.
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He's not even a year old yet.. The vet said it was from teething and to brush them.. Also to try changing his food... this is the toothpaste we have at home.. http://www.eightinonepet.com/product...cats=2&search==
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Whew....OK, that's good to know!! That web site didn't list the ingredients and I couldn't find them with a Google search, either. The main thing is that you DON'T want flouride in the toothpaste. Flouride is a poison. The reason it's OK it human toothpaste is because we don't swallow our toothpaste when we brush our teeth. Cats and dogs do. But just because it's made for pets doesn't mean it's safe. There's a cat toothpaste sold by Four Paws that has flouride in it.

Here's an article on how to brush your cat's teeth: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/pic/article.cfm?aid=56

I brush my cat's teeth, and the main thing you want to know is that it takes a LOT of patience. It could take weeks before you actually get your cat to the point where you're really brushing those teeth!! But just stick with it. And try to make it a pleasant experience.
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I Googled it too and barely found anything. I also couldn't find the ingredients. Maybe you could e-mail the website where you purchased it and ask them?
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lol the funny thing is Finnegan lets us do ANYTHING to him! my mom tried to just brush a little with out anything but water to see what he'd do and he just layed there.. he's so loving and loves any attention haha

I called my mom and the ingredients are sodium bicarbonate, sorbital, water glycerin, sodium hexametaphosphate, carrageenan, natural and artificial flavor, potassium sorbate, propylparabeen

I looked at the ingredients for the doctor foster and smith cat toothpaste and they have the same ingredients so I guess I'm good with what I have!
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The enzymes are the same in dog and cat mostly the flavor s differ and I wouldnt use floride on animals
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