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New father have no idea what to do?

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Hi im new to the forums my name is logan im 17 years old and my cat ms.peel just had 2 kittens and i have been reading but really dont know what to do? She is laying in the cabinet with her kittens she just had them today? What should i do?
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In most cases the cat knows what to do, is she doing anything abnormal like neglecting them or are the kitties not feeding.If not then i would leave her alone and let her nurse.
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We weighed them and they are a little over 4 ounces
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heres some pictures
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They are soooo precious. Lot's of luck with them. It looks like from your dog's markings, they could have been his
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Logan is the mom not attentive to the babies? You really should not have to do anything at all, usually momcats know what to do unless they have to many in the litter or they are fairly young themselves-
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I think she is attentive sometimes she gets up and moves around but ms.peel (mom) is only like a year old
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Well I hope for her sake you keep her inside, because she will go into heat and if let near a tomcat she will become pregnant. Also please get her spayed once the kittens have been weaned.
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Originally Posted by Logan18
I think she is attentive sometimes she gets up and moves around but ms.peel (mom) is only like a year old
Logan..here is a list of low cost vet clinics for spaying your cat...I would call and find out when you can bring her in:


C-SNIP (Community Spay/Neuter Initiative Partnership)
Serves Kent County and adjacent counties
Grand Rapids MI
Web: www.csnip.org
Low cost mobile clinic for pets of people with low income.

West Michigan SPCA
Muskegon MI

Silver Lake Animal Rescue League
Dixie Highway
Waterford, MI
248-545-6583, extension 5 This organization has a program for spay/neuter of pets of low income people in metropolitan Detroit.

Long Lake Animal Hospital
5044 John R Road
Troy, MI 48098

Humane Society of Huron Valley
Ann Arbor, MI

Kalamazoo Humane Society
4239 South Westnedge
Kalamazoo, MI
Provides some assistance for the spay/neuter of pets of qualifed low income people.

Animal's Best Friend
PO Box 443
Oshtemo, MI 49077
For pets living in Kalamazoo and Van Buren counties, ABF provides small subsidies at particular veterinary clinics each month. Call for details.

Zimmer Foundation
PO Bx 130944
Ann Arbor MI 48113
For feral cats in Washtenaw County.
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yeah im going to my mom says when she was younger her mom let her have one litter and then they got spayed so this is peel's one liter were getting her spayed and declawed. She is cleaning their butt alot and the white one looks like she is getting fatter. She is eating alot to.
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Also ms.peel is breathing hard and fast is that normal?
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Please do not declaw this wonderful kitty- there is truly no reason to do that- If she is breathing hard she may still give you another kitty- it's hard to say- but her family is gorgeous- and again I urge you, please just get her spayed, forgo the declawing-
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maybe she has more kittens? Sometimes cats can have them more than a day apart. but if it is any more than maybe two days you should take her into a vet. I migh tnot be right about this, it may be 24 hours that you have to take her into the vet. Is there still movement in her belly? is it hard? is there a lump on one side? Otherwise she may just be hot/tired
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If i didnt know better, I would say I was looking at my own momma and babies. My Scratches looks exactly like yours and 2 of my 4 babies look like yours too. Goodluck with your new "family".
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Thanks its my first litter.
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With the way that one kitten looks (black and white spotted) ... are you sure that dalmation dog isn't the father? *grin*

Logan, the others here have all given you very good advice. Your girl seems to be caring for the babies and doing all the right things, so just let them be. You might wanna keep Daddy er I mean the dog away though. He/she could be stressing Momcat out a little bit.

As for the spay/declaw ... a lot of vets will offer to do them both at the same time but it is sort of like going through the drivethrough at your local Micky D's and hearing "you want fries with that?" You don't need to have her declawed if you don't want to. The majority of the membership of TCS is anti-declaw and will attempt to dissuade you from having it done. It just isn't necessary.

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she is meowing alot and is walking around restlessly she had been laying down for 3 hours but my mom says her stomach is hanging down
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just an update she is walking around and eating the kittens seem to be doing fine this morning and ms.peel is meowing quite a bit but she has always been a talker lol
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the kittens look to be asleep right now but ms.peel is up and about wanting me to pet her and is meowing over and over.She is back now guess she just had to stretch but is still meowing. hmm
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aw! Ms. Peel is beautiful! The babies are so precious, too!!!

Great job, Logan. Make sure the kittens stay warm and free from drafts.
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Logan whats the latest?. She's gorgeous btw! And please don't declaw her
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Just to add for future reference- there is no scientific reason to let a cat have one litter before it is spayed. It will not make the cat any healthier, in fact there is MUCH evidence to the contrary!
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ok as of Day2 Blackie weighs 5.3oz and white weighs 5.1oz is that too much or what it seems like it is fat lol
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That's really nice & big! (I don't think there's such a thing as too big.) At 2 days 6 of my babies weighed 3.5 oz, 1 weighed 3 oz, and 1 weighed 4 oz. I think it depends on the size of the parents. My kittens' mama is quite "petite".
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You are doing a great job of being a new father it sounds like. Remember, you and your family know your cat better than anyone else. If you are still concerned about her behavior then talk to the vet or take her and the kittens in. I am glad you are having her spayed. As far as getting her declawed, again, there are many articles concerning the pros and cons for declawing cats. Read them carefully before you decide. But again, you and your family know what is best. Don't let the Vet talk you into declawing if you and your family decide that is not what is best for her. Congrats on your new family!!!
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thanks i dont want to have her declawed my parents do because she claws on the legs of tables and chairs and scratches them up. Ms.Peel is very small tho she is i think 7 or 8 lbs
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Maybe you could be proactive with helping your parents with thier decision. You could read up on all of the pros and cons of declawing plus read on some ways to keep cats from clawing on the furniture. Bring all the information to your parents and present them with the information as well as your suggestions. If my son were to present information to me in such a well informed and formal manner I would be more interested in listening to his opinion and might be persuaded to his ideas. I know if sounds a lot like homework but think of how much happier you and Ms. Peel will be. BUT also don't push your parents to the point of not letting you keep Ms. Peel. That would be just aweful when the two of you are obviously so close.
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no ms.peel is not at all in that position my mom is in love her ms.peel it is realy my cat since i bought her so. My mom uses ms.peel to replace her cat that recently died about 2 months ago (cheeto)
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I am so sorry to hear about your mom's cat. I am sure you loved Cheeto to just by hearing how much you care about Ms. Peel.

I hope you try my suggestions concerning talking to your parents. It is the best for everyone expecially Ms. Peel if they are allowed to make an informed decision. But if your parents have been around cats before and are already sold on declawing it may be difficult to sway them.

We had to declaw Luke for health reasons and many people do beleive in it so if your parents insist. Just make sure you keep her safe. When cats are declawed they have no protection so I truely beleive that a declawed cat needs to be kept safe inside.

Good luck!
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Logan, why don't you ask your mum to become a member of TCS?
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