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grooming too hard?

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Some background info:

I got Joshua 3 months ago. He's almost two years old and neutered. He's a pretty big cat (maybe 10 lbs, quite tall)

I got Kinah a few days ago. She's approximately 5 months old and not spayed yet.

When I got Kinah home, I put her in my bedroom by herself. The next day, I opened the door a little to let Joshua and Kinah see and smell each other. There was no sign of agression from either side. So after doing that a few times, I decided to let them meet. Things have been going well. Joshua has shown no sign of agression towards Kinah.
Kinah hissed at him a few times but never growled or attacked him. Despite being no more than half the size of Joshua, she's obviously the boss around here.
Joshua has been curious but also shy and hesitant around her. She, on the other hand, is very confident but not agressive.
Joshua has also been grooming her a few times. Usually on the top of her head. I think I saw Kinah groom him once but I'm not quite sure.
Here's what worries me... I was lying on the bed a little while ago and both cats came and joined me. Joshua put his paw on top of Kinah's back and started grooming her, hard. At some point I went to gently push him off and he had her skin between his teeth. He had grabbed her in the area around her throat / chest. She didn't say anything... didn't hiss, meow or try to push him off.
A few minutes later they were both lying on the bed and Joshua had his front paw wrapped around Kinah's rear end.

I'm assuming if he had been hurting her, Kinah would have said something. But still it makes me nervous to see a big cat's teeth so close to my little kitten's throat.
Do you think it's something to worry about?
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I woulda guessed that he was going to try to mate with her, but since you say he is neutered I am clueless!

Hopefully someone will come along with an answer for ya!
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I have lived with other cats before and one of them often tried to "mate" with the female cats despite the fact that he had been neutered for years.

But when he did he would grab the skin on the back of the neck, not the front.

Could Joshua just be a very clumsy "lover"?
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The neck biting is just one form of play. You're right, if he was hurting her, she would definitely let him know!! I don't think you need to worry about it.
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I do that to my own cats, lol. Bite their scruff, lol they love it.
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they really do seem to get along well. I guess I don't have anything to worry about. They're still not 100% but there's no aggression so I'll let them work things out.

Joshua hasn't been snuggling with me as much as before though. I think it's because he's not sure if he has Kinah's permission and he doesn't want to risk offending her.
The silly cat being bossed around by a baby girl.
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