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misty had kitties

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She decided to go into labor early this morning 1 am, at first she ran into her kitty tower to have them and i had to yank her out because there was no room for her to have them, she finaly setteled down and had them in her corner box. It took her almost 5 hours to have four of them, i hope she is finished.

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I hope she is finished too! Keep us updated.
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I do soo love the "cow" kittens (white with black spots).

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There are two cow kitties , one all black and one that looks just like the mom except black where the gray is.
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hah! I love the little kitten with the mustache! Is it a male (ok maybe you cant tell) :P you should name it like a fancy italian/spanish/mexican name LIke Franchesco. Hahah! I love the little mustache! Your cat is sooo pretty by the way!
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I was thinking about naming it frenchy
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I have one white with black spots and it was dubbed "Cow" Yours are all cuties
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