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I am clueless here

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Bacardi, my 5 year old Siamese mix has always been overweight. I have had her in for a full blood work- the vet told me the results were the best that he has ever seen in a cat, and he couldn't find anything out of the ordinary wrong with her. She eats, and elimates without a problem, so there was no blockage or anything and he manipulated her all over and could find nothing, this was several months ago......

Ok, fast forward to this week and now if I pet her she meows (not in pain, but her skin literally jumps when I pet her) If I pass my hand to the middle of her back she will either lick me rapidly or nibble me and draw blood. I feel no heat, but am alarmed because her stomach is solid tight, but when I squeeze or apply pressure she doesn't growl, though she turns her head quickly like she is going to bite me but doesn't? I am worried about her, and want to take her in for x-rays or an ultra-sound but will be unable to do so for at least 3 weeks. Is there anything anyone can suggest in the meantime as to what might be wrong with her? The vet has ruled out diabetes and gland problems, but I am thinking a mass or something is sitting in there and getting bigger.
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MaryAnne - I have no ideas for you but wanted to express my concern for your Bacardi.
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Hissy - I'm sorry, I don't have any ideas either, but I just wanted to say that it's nice to "see" you. I hope Bacardi is feeling better soon.
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Hissy: I belong to a board where you can post this for a Vet to look at. I'll do that today.
Hope to have a response for you soon
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I am really at a loss here to know what is going on. All her behaviour is normal otherwise.
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Hissy, from what you are describing it sounds like hyperesthesia. It can be caused by a few things. One is similar to seizures, and the other is related to spinal cord injury. The seizure activity can happen to all ages, breeds and sex's. Once they diganose it, they can keep it under control with medication. The other is to look into any spinal cord injury. You said they did blood work, so that would rule out hyperthyroid and such. Also, if there were a tumor in there somewhere, if the vet did a total blood count her white cells would have been very high. Bloodwork is usually the first tool to diagnose cancers.
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I have done some reading on the malady you suggested and she has some of the symptoms and now I have a way to go here when I do get her to a vet. Thanks for coming through- yet again....... You are amazing!
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issy - got a reply from the Vet and I quote:

Bacardi sounds like an interesting kitty!
Certainly, if your veterinarian has recommended radiographs and an ultrasound, you will certainly want to pursue these things. One other thought to consider is "feline hyperesthesia syndrome", which is common in cats - especially in overweight
ones. Fortunately, it is more of a behaviour concern than a medical one in most cats - and generally requires no treatment.
Please let us know what happens! "

Sounds like Sandie might be right on target with this one.

All the best....to you and great big XOXOXOXOXO to Bacardi.
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I keep telling her that I'll end her to vet school....

But, she doesn't want to.. SO when I retire I'm gonna go to vet school, and she's gonna be the tech.. how cool is THAT gonna be!

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But both of you should go on to be vets- that would be even cooler!
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Sorry, like I told Ken...I would cry far too often, get mad way too often and would never be able to euthanize an animal unless it was in serious distress. I am far too attached to my own beliefs in animal rights and care to have an open mind when people come in with thier crazy ideas.
I do think Ken will make a great vet if I can get him to go back to school
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Hissy, how is she doing?

Can you please post some of the links you found (if you still have them). I'll look it up too.

Sounds like something that might come up as a behavior complaint from someone...
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When I spoke with my vet this morning, he told me to go ahead and bring her in and we would work out something in regards to the bill. But he said that this malady (because it is not a disease) means that everytime I touch Bacardi she is in pain. So I take her in this afternoon and will go from there. I will let you know, and I will also post links when I do the update. Think good thoughts for her guys, this is really a puzzle, why can't my animals ever have anything normal?!

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What did the vet say?????
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They took more blood, and did not seem to think an x-ray was in order. She had a flea treatment, he is hoping it just might be fleas, as she had a lot of flea dirt. I generally de-flea my group once a month, but it has been over 30 days since I have been able to do it for them, but he wants to wait for the blood work to come back- he also discovered cataracts in both her eyes, even though she is so young. Other than she bit and scratched him, so unlike her, I still don't know what it is. He was unable to find any live fleas on her though she did have the dirt, so they have to be somewhere. He also mentioned that another possibility could remotely be a brain tumor, because during the exam, she spazed out again and just watched a spot on the wall for over 5 minutes without flinching- so who knows? Please keep her in prayers guys and thanks!
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MaryAnne - I wish your news from the Vet was better - but you will get your answers soon, I pray!
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I almost hope it's just the hyperestesia. I know that you can treat it with anti seizure medication and she would live a normal happy life. I am going to be crossing my fingers for her!
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Over the last day Bacardi's behaviour has increasingly become worse. She has now taken to attacking our feet and legs when we walk by, and trust me, this is not "play" attacks. Thankfully, our shoes and socks afford us good protection. I called the vet back and he finally got a chance to do more research on what he calls this "obscure" malady. He told me that he found it is a psychological disease, sort of an obsessive-compulsive disorder. The blood work is back and every thing has been ruled out, and with her now agressive behaviour, her catatonic states that last for minutes. Honestly Sandie, this is so weird! She went off into her staring mode last night, and I knelt down and got right in front of her and passed my hand up and down in front of her eyes, and she didn't even blink. Then she was sitting in the middle of the floor and all of a sudden (no one was around her) she leaped straight up in the air at least a foot or so high and then pelted around the room - up the cat-rails, up the stairs through the loft down the stairs out to the yard like the hounds of hell were after her. So Anne, if you read this post, you will probably run across this type of behaviour with your new occupation. I am starting her on chomoldyll (spelling sucks here) I need to go and pick it up at the vet, but it is the same medicine they give dogs with seperation anxiety disorder. The vet wants to try her on this and see if she levels out. Please keep up the prayers guys, her aggressive behaviour has me plenty worried, she is even picking fights with her brothers and sisters. Right now she is upstairs in seclusion in the Cat room- (can't you hear her?)
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Oh Hissy, I'm so sorry. I sure hope the medicine works and please let us know. I'll be praying.
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Oh, I am so sorry to hear she got a little worse. It's a good thing she has a loving mother like you. It's not all that uncommon though. There's an animal behaviorist that works at Tufts university that specializes in these sorts of things. I have read quite a bit about it. Anne and Hissy, His name is Dr. Dodman if you want to research some of his books.I just know there will be some help out there for her. Just hang in there Hissy
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All night last night Bacardi kept me awake by attacking our doorknobs. The doors to the rooms were open, so it wasn't a matter of her being confined and not liking it, it was a matter that she was fixated on our doorknobs as if they had been invaded by little green men! Sure hope the meds kick in soon!
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Poor baby, and poor you too! This has to be very disconcerting to say the least. I hope that the meds kick ins soon too and that little Bacardi finds comfort soon!
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Any luck with the meds yet? My heart goes out to Bacardi and to you and your hubby for having to see her feeling so miserable.
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She is on clomicalm 20 mg once a day. She has been on it three days now and she is finally mellowing out. The predatory look is out of her eye, though we still can't touch her without her crying out. But she appears to be more at ease with herself and her surroundings and isn't doing anything bizarre and not hiding in closets or anything so I am hopeful this might work.
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I am thankful that this seems to be helping your Bacardi!
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That's great news, M.A.! I hope this is just the beginning of the turn-around for Bacardi. Thanks for the update!

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I am sending all my good thoughts to you....

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how wonderful - there is a light at end - thank god. When Bacardi allows plent of huggs and kisses..
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Hopefully Bacardi won't need the meds for life. Hopefully she just needs some leveling and then things would go back to normal for her. Good luck!
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Her respirations went up to 100 last night! She appeared to be in no apparent distress other than the rapid shallow breathing, but she wasn't panting, there was no fever or other signs of illness, but I have taken her of the meds. I checked the Internet sites and found that the meds they have her on is really only been used in dogs, and is just now beginning to be used in cats. This whole thing has me very puzzled and I wonder if maybe something else is going on that just can't be found.
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