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Hello people!

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Hello everyone!! Wanted to say hi & thanks, even though im new, ive been lurking since i got my pretty girl Quila 2 weeks ago . Lots of valuable info here. . its great! She's 3-5 (I'll go with 4) & is my first cat ever. They found her pregnant & between the walls of an abandoned home . She's healthy, just very skinny so i was told to keep her on kitten food till after she's spayed. ( 4 more days ) Well i look forward to a continued education here at TCS!!

P.s. i hope that photo worked, im still learning!
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Hmmm, just wondering why this was moved & where it was moved too. . . i did something wrong?
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Quila is such a pretty girl. Thanks for sharing her picture.
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You've done nothing wrong, maybe a moderator just moved your thread to a place on the site more suitable fpr it...where more people will see it.

Thanks so much for sharing a picture of your kitty with us! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! You are awesome for giving this sweet girl a home, and for being responsible and getting her spayed!!!
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Welcome...Quila is a very pretty girl. I am go glad that you have given her a loving home. Congratulations to you both.
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She is very pretty! and bless you for giving this lovely girl a home.
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Awww, cute! What a lucky girl for you to take her in!
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Quila is a love! Welcome to TCS, both of you!
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Aww she is beautiful. And a very lucky girl that you came along to rescue her when you did. Good for you! Welcome to TCS!
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quila is such a beautiful darling! i love her little pink nose
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Very Cute cat and very lucky to have found a nice loving home
Look forward to seeing more pics of her!
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Welcome! Your baby is so so very cute!
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what a beauty! welcome! My kitties are 5: Shenandoah and Humble Kitty. They would love for your baby to read one of their catnap stories, in PAWS & REFLECT.
I am Bobbie, and it is nice to have you here.
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Thank you all for the kindness!!! Quila is a real joy, & she helps kill some of the lonliness that living alone brings. . .I can't wait till shes fixed though, cause i can do without the yelping. Although i hope she continues rolling around & doing sit-ups!!! She's very happy here, & im glad shes with me.[IMG][/IMG]

Just look at those lobster whiskers!!
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She is so striking and beautiful. Congrats on getting such a beautiful cat.
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She's lucky to have found such a good home, do keep us updated on how she gets on (and photos are always welcome too!)
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awww, she is a beauty!!! I love her markings!
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Yes, cats are amazing companions. Good luck with her spay and hope to see you around!
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cute cat
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Well its almost been a week since Quila was spayed, she's a tough one, not letting me give her painkillers. . .she seems to be doing just fine, cept 2 days after the spaying i noticed a single drop of blood beside her litter box. . . but her stitches look untouched. I was worried, but she's acting just fine, i think i'll let the vet know when i take her to get the sutures out.
Well here's my girl a few days after her surgery. . .sorry about the low-fi webcam! hahaha

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