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Calico kitten found on 7 May

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I found my 3 week baby girl at my doorstep a month ago and she's so big now and has just started eating.
Unfortunately she is off to the Vets 2moro as she did something to herself while I was out on Friday and has hurt one of her back legs. She's still eating and going toilet ok so fingers crossed.
I took her in on Friday and he said to come back Monday if she was still limping but I can't wait that long.
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aw! That kitty is so lucky that she found you! I hope she is alright!!! What is she eating? Please keep us updated!!!
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Aww, your poor little Calico. I'm sure it'll be ok!

You're in Japan? I love Japan, been there twice, can speak japanese... some. Can't wait to go back...
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Welcome to the site! That baby kitty sure was smart to show up on your doorstep. I hope her back leg is OK.
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Welcome! Hope your baby is ok. Please keep us updated on her condition.
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We're back and she looks much better. Vet said because she's not eating enough kitten meat she's taking longer to recover from her fall, nothing broken YAY
He gave he some special a/p kitten food and she ate the lot, made me look terrible.
So now Ginger is sleeping on my sweater in the sun dreaming about fingers covered in food.

Now my only problem besides the vet bill is her fear of the vacuum cleaner, just about dirties her diaper trying to find a place to hide yet shower/bath, no problem and looks at dogs at the vet with indifference. We use to vacuum our old cats stomach as a kid, had to slide her across the floor to vacuum it. How can I instill this indifferent attitude in my darling Ginger?
Nice to meet you all
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Welcome to TCS.
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Hello and welcome!!!
My kitties don't like the vacumm either!

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so glad your kitty is alright!!!

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Welcome to TCS & glad that the vet-update is a good one! :: My cats just can't stand the vacuum - I think that it makes some awful noises that their ears can't tolerate. Do you have a pic of the cat who used to get his tummy vacced? I'd love to see pics of the calico, as well. My daughter has a long-haired calico named Christy; Christy is almost 7 now, and I still enjoy looking at her kitten-pics.
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Welcome to TCS!

Well, I think you can write off the vacuum. A cat that will tolerate it is the exception to the general rule. In 40 years I've never seen one that would. We call that a "cat monster" in this household (along with brooms and for some unknown reason, ironing boards.)
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Well, would you believe that the silly girl is a box of birds today(Wed), eating normally and playing kitten games.
She was hissing at me yesterday when I was putting her eye cream in, it was so painful around her nose yesterday.(Tues)
I'm pretty sure it was her right eye infection flaring up thru her sinuses, I was all ready to hunt down another vets this morning but she seemed better. Both eyes are infected now but nowhere near as bad as yesterday.
The only problem I have now is that she doesn't meow when she gets hungry, but has developed a habit of sucking on her paw pads. If I ignore it she just goes to sleep instead of crying out.
Silly creature.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!!!!
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She's eating Hills a/d catfood which I'm slowly changing to regular kitten food and today she discovered the joys of kitten bikkies. I held one for her and she took it with he teeth after giving it a lick and then just sat there holding it for a few minutes, very cute. After taking some pictures I pushed it inside her mouth and she have a couple of crunches and thought YUM!

As for the cat who like to be vacumed, that was when I was a kid.
She died when I was about 13ish.
Cindy was a grey and white fatty who loved laying in the sun, she got skin cancer on one of her ears. Anyway we used to vacum her tummy and suck her tail up the pipe, dress her up, all sorts, good foot warmer in the winter too, she'd just lay there and take it and long as you kept her in the sun.
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I am glad she is okay.

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hello & welcome! I am donna proudly owned by 3 kittys
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Hey Great to see you here!!! I'm new too!!!
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