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Hi everyone!

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Hi again!

I'm glad to be back! I was posting for a while last year, until the site was updated. Then my account was messed up and I had to re-register. Well, life here has finally slowed down so now I can come back and spend time with all the friendly and knowledgeable people here! I was a realitively new cat owner then and have learned so much here!

For a quick refresher... At the time I was posting before the update, I had just adopted a new kitten and was introducing her to my older cat Cleo, so I was going through cat introduction issues. I'm happy to report that all is going well and they get along great. Now Cleo is still my passive, easy going cat who prefers to lounge around and observe her world, while Josie who's finally a year old, likes to zoom around the place from time to time. Sometimes she'll move too quickly around Cleo who's trying to relax and Cleo will let out a hiss. But that's as far as it goes.
When Cleo is in the mood they'll play chase and tackle each other. It's so cute to watch. Sometimes Josie will sit in front of Cleo and oh so slowly raise her paw and move it towards Cleo, then quickly tap her on the head and
Cleo just glares at her as if to say "Go ahead! I dare you!" I don't know if it's just "play" or one is trying to establish dominace, but it's amusing. It reminds of that commercial where the little brother is harrassing his older sister on the beach....."I'm not touching you!"....while he pokes her on the arm. It looks so funny.

But they're getting along fine. They will even lay next to each other from time to time. And Cleo doesn't seem lonely anymore when we leave.
So every thing has worked out well, thanks to all the wonderful advice I've recieved from this site.

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Welcome back Ann! Sounds like you were another unfortunate victim of our December crash, when we had to revert 6 months and all of the posts and memberships were lost. But I'm glad you came back, and I'm very glad that Josie and Cleo are getting along!
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Welcome back!
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Hello and welcome back!!!

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Welcome back.... I am in Louisiana also. Glad to hear your cats are getting along some. Cat.
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Welcome Back Ann I look forward to seeing your babies!
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Welcome back to TCS Ann!
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Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be back! I finally bought a digital camera, so as soon as I can figure out how to post pictures (without them being too large ) I'll post pictures of my two girls.

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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!!!!
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hello & welcome! I am donna proudly owned by 3 incredible cats
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Hey Great to see you here again!!! I'm new !!!
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