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Food question.

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Hello everyone,
I am new to the board, and a new cat owner so I am not sure if the food I am giving Maya is good.
She is really picky, doesn't want to eat anything with chunks in it, she licks the juices off but leaves the chunks, so I feed her Iams canned food and Purina Fancy Feast(only the ones that have a pate consistency). She gets Ukanuba+Purina Cat Chow dry food-usually mix the two kinds.
She doesn't want to eat any chicken or beef flavoured foods, so it's really hard to give her just one brand of canned food, because afer a few days she gets tired of it, so I have to mix, and I buy the small cans.

Now how many cans should she eat? I give her one in the morning and one in the evening, she nibbles on dry food during the day when she feels like it.
Maybe there is something that I can cook or make for her myself?

Also is catgrass good for them? I got that as well, and at first like a little goat she ate quite a lot of it. And also I don't know how often cats cough up hairballs. She did it twice so far, and I am worried that maybe she should caugh it up more often, since she grooms herself all day.

Thanks for any info in advance and suggestions you guys might have with the food situation.
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Cat grass is good, but if a cat eats too much, it might vomit.
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Hi, and welcome to the site As I recall Fancy Feast cans have a recommended feeding guideline of 1 can per 3 lbs. of weight - *if* that is the only food they are getting daily. If your girl is between 6 to 8 lbs., plus getting dry food whenever she wants, the two cans is plenty. Would you say she feels plump at all?

I won't pretend that Eukanuba or Purina Cat chow are my favorite brands, they are not, but she sounds like she gives you a major challenge between her texture issues and her not liking chicken or beef!

An excellent brand available in Canada that I've heard other TCS members recommend is Peformatrin Ultra (dry food) but it comes in either lamb and rice, or chicken and rice only. You might want to try a small bag of the lamb and rice if you wish to consider changing your dry food.

Of course, changing food comes with it's own issues, must be done gradually, and slowly, and you may just wish to continue with what is working

My issues with eukanuba is their use of by-product meal, and in Purina Cat Chow (their complete formula) their two protein sources are by-product meal and corn gluten meal, plus they use corn meal, soy flour and ground whole wheat)...I prefer products without by-products, and with real meat/poultry/fish as the protein sources.
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Thanks for the reply, will try and get Peformatrin and see how she likes it, there is an awsome petstore where my parents live, that is where my mom gets all her stuff for the dog. It is a challange with her texture issues, but then again the other day she snatched a piece of sauerkraut from my plate and she ate that.

Thanks again
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