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Ear mite shot vs. cream

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Emma has had ear mites since I got her from the SPCA. I was treating her with Mitaclear and it has been a real battle trying to get that stuff in her ears. She's such a drama queen, I think and gets so traumatized when I try to put it in her ears. She fights, drools and has thrown up before!! She gets mad but can't avoid me long when I give her fresh food, water and a treat and lots of verbal reinforcement and rubbing. However, she stays grumpy. Poor thing! Well, I took her to the vet for a vaccination recently and they gave her some sort of shot for the mites. It was about $8 cheaper, too and much easier! It also gets rid of any trace of worms. (I was kinda mad they didn't suggest it before.) Well, her ears are back to being pink and she hasn't been shaking her head or scratching much for about 3 weeks until the other day. They are obviously bothering her again!!!! I don't see anything in her ears (no ear mite poo) and they are still pink. I put some Mitaclear in her ears tonight (she's thinking, "not this crap again!") and I'm kinda frustrated that the shot didn't work for very long. Although her ears aren't bad yet, should I take her back for another shot? How long should these shots last?
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Honestly the best thing to use is Advantage for cats. Two drops in the ears and the mites die up and dry up and you don't need to fight and put them in daily. The cat's don't foam up, or drool, and you just have to be careful and not put over two drops in each ear and make sure it goes deep enough. I have been doing this for all my cats and it has cut down on cost and time and aggravation. No more ear mite wars
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are those any good?
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Not the greatest but it's a pic!
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anything that you put in your cat should come from a vet, or at least a specialty feed store that specializes in animal care. At least when you get if from the vet, he is aware there is a problem and will recommend the best treatment available. After fighting ear mites for 15+ cats for over a year, my vet recommended Advantage, and by golly it worked great!
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I would never use anything that comes off the shelf. They aren't tested as well and have caused some severe problems with some animals. I don't like to use Ivermectin injections with my cats (which is the shot you were talking about.) I have never used advantage for mites, but I do like it for fleas. I like to use revolution because it goes on the back of the neck like the advantage and it takes care of fleas,ticks,earmites and worms. You can only get that through a vet as well.
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