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I did it! I'm going to high school! The ceromony is over! Yippeee! Summer vacation!
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Congrats Jenny! I am so proud of you!
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Aw, Ashley. Thanks! I'm so excited. I'll get to spend so much time here!
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Awww congratulations sweetie
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Yeah! I hope your high school years will be ones to remember fondly.
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How wonderful, Jenny!
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Thanks everyone!
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Congratulations!!!! Hope you have a wonderful summer!!!
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Congrats young lady!
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Yay Jenny!! I hope you have a wonderful summer
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yay! Congratulations!!! Enjoy it all you will FLY by!!!
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Thank you guys! I'll try to enjoy it all I can.
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Congratulations Jenny! Have an awesome time in New York!
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Thank so much!

I can't wait!
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Oh, Jenny, I am sorry I missed this post!

You have my congratulations for graduating to high school! I think you will like high school, because you will have more freedom and responsability at school!
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High School is an awesome time, Jenny! Have loads of fun!!
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Becky and Chris: You guys are awesome! Thanks so much!
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