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Kittens eye, Please help

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As you some may have read in my thread I recently had a stray sneak in and have kittens. Well there eye have begun to open in the last 3-4 days. But when I looked at them both tonight I noticed that both of them have one matted eye. How can I clean it up? What can I use? What make this happen. I look at them all day and i never barely hold them because I don't want my scent on them to much. If I do hold them its like for 30 seconds. Can you please help. Poor Kitties The mother may suppose to clean it but this is her first litter. Just months ago seen her and she was a kitten. Look forward to your help!
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I am no expert by any means, my babies are only 3 weeks old. But when I had that problem, I was told to wipe it with a warm washcloth. Goodluck
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Thanks for the reply. It seems to be really bad because it is not working. Should I try and then put them back wait a little bit and do it again? Any other suggestions. It is pretty bad but of coarse I have never had kittens around so it may not be bad and I just think it is. I wonder what causes it. Thanks though for you reply and i will keep trying.

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Was the eye open before, and now it is matted shut?
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First off, I wouldn't wipe it, simply press a warm damp cloth to the eye and hold it there for a few seconds or longer if the kitten will tolerate it- wiping it could damage the eye. The kitten should see a vet any chance of that happening? Sorry, I don't know the story behind the mother or the litter itself without doing a search for your other posts first.
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The kittens eye was just open yesterday. I try not bother them much because the mother is kind of a wild stray and being the first time litter, I am a little worried about messing with them to much. I may try to soak it a time or so. Since I have wet it the mother seems to be licking? What usually causes this?

Thank everyone!!!!!
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Eye infections vary could be an underlying virus, herpes, a URI- I wouldn't get it wet, just damp. And I would get the kitten to the vet to be seen because really, it could be anything-
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Well just checked on the and there eye are not as bad but they have like a white puss running from them. I think momma is trying to clean them up. I will keep an eye out though. Would it be to early for them to use the bathroom themselves? I went in there while she was out and one went the bathroom and then one took pee on my brothers hand. They also recognize me a little when they see the door opening for mom to come in or out they come walking to it. THANKS ALL
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Im new to this forum and havent posted much but I once had a cat who was a stray and had a litter of kittens and had the exact same problem. One day the kittens eyes were open and the next their eyes were matted and then pus started coming out soon after. PLEASE get them to a vet asap. With my kitties, the mother had eaten a bird or something and gave the momma cat a disease, i dont remember the name of it but she passed it on to the babies and they all had to be put to sleep. It was very sad. :-( But, it could be anything and it might not even be what happened with my cat. Ive read that sometimes the little kitties get eye infections and the vet can give you some antibiotics for it. Best of luck to you and your babies!
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Well update. sorry its took so long to get back but there eyes are fine. The vet told me to make it wet with a warm wash cloth and pull it open so I did and there are doing wonderful and no problem since!
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