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Hello to all the newbies and regulars out there

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Hi everyone.
My name is Laura and I'm from New York. I own 5 cats or I should say, 5 cats own me. They are a bunch of mixed breeds and barn kitties. (They would say there are full blooded egyptian kitties, royalty) (bow to kitties, bow) They all have their own seperate personalities and quirks, none of them own halo's......although they ALL think they are innocent and pufffect.

My first kitten, who is no longer a kitten, is now 5 years old. I named her Cleo because she thinks shes Cleopatra. Shes a long haired barn kitty who has an attitude and loves to be the center of my world. I rescued her from a farm that was going under. I had never owned my own kitty before so she taught me a thing or two. She taught me patience, humor, love and how to just lay around all day when the laundry is piling up. Laundry makes great pillows on the couch. Just ask Cleo.

My second kitty, CeCe, I adopted for cleo as a buddy but it didn't work out so well in the beginning. I lived with someone who had 2 kitties and a dog and this was a very trying time for cleo and I. I thought (I hoped) that bringing in a kitten for my kitty would help her, but she took it to heart and didn't talk to me for months. Poor CeCe... she only wanted to be loved. CeCe is the lover of all my kitties. She wakes me up with head butts every morning and tiny kitty kisses.

My third kitty, Eddie, who took to me and not my other half is my playful kitty. She has more energy then Cleo, CeCe and I put together. She cries for me when she wants attention and to play...play is her motto..play play play....did I say play? I mean PLAY CONSTANTLY. Shes my smallest kitty of the crew but has a big heart.

And now the boys:
I wasn't planning on adopting 2 male kitties.
My best bud Owen had a daughter who had 2 male kitties. She got tired of them and was going to toss them on any farm. I know she was going to do this because she had done it before. Owen asked if I would take the kitties in and call a place for them to get adopted, so I did. Well I got them fixed got all of their shots and called this place to take them in. Well needless to say, they never called me back so I took them in.
Of course this wasn't fairing with my partner at the time and I had to keep the boys seperated. We had an older kitty and my partner didn't want anything to happen to this kitty.
So it had been a long battle.
When my partner left, I started slowly introducing the boys to the girls.

Andy is my "little big mouth". He reminds me of a simease. His head was crushed by a dog and he almost didn't survive. (he was 2 months old at the time) He no longer has tearducts because of his injury and has gained 7 pounds since I took him in. I used to call him "my little man" because he was so little. Right now he is my happy plump boy. He is the sweetest little man.

Arnold is my big boy. He has a shy personality and loves attention. I have this big tower (bigger than me, I'm 5'5) and he thinks its his. He is guardian of his tower and loves to play in it. He has been my problem child with my girls. He chases them and attacks them. I've found scratches on Cleo and Eddie, he wont attack CeCe. I think because CeCe will fight back and the others just run.
I've tried disciplining with squirt guns, time outs and still he attacks them. I have to keep them seperate when I'm not home. I'm still trying to figure out a way to stop the stress on the girls. All of them hide in the back room in high places to get away from Arnold. I have a feeling this will either take a really long time or it wont work at all. But I am trying to get all of them at least together without fights. Sigh
So thats my story.
A little about me:
I will be turning the big 4.....0 ahhhhhhhhhhhh soon...
I'm a letter carrier, been working for the post office for over 9 years now. (only 22 more years to go.....if my body holds up) (dont worry duct tape will keep my parts together...that and glue...maybe some paper clips..damn where are those staples...)
I used to play sports but who has the energy for that anymore (did i say duct tape?..bring the glue my back could use some) now I go camping. (no condo camping here...just tents tents and more tents)
I like computer games and playstation 2. (need mental relief "Baulders gate, Diablo, the Bards tale, Icewind dale and HOCKEY")
I am very thankful for everything in my world and I owe alot of that to my kitties. They never stop making me smile or laugh. They melt my heart and comfort me. I don't know what I would do without my angels of my heart.
So....thats the readers digest version of my story. I am glad to be here and I'm sending a warm hello to everyone.
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Welcome to the site! What a wonderful fur-family you have. Thank you for sharing their stories with us, as well as a bit about yourself.
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I feel like I already know your kitties after that intro! They sound precious. Can't wait to see pics. Welcome to TCS!
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Great intro and great extended family you got there! Welcome, Laura!!
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Hi, Laura, Sierra and I welcome you and your family to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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Welcome! You crew sounds as if it is never boring!
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Hi and welcome. It's great to meet you and your kitties. Can't wait to see pictures.
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Thank you for telling us about your kittens and yourself !!! Looking forward to hearing more stories and if you can share pictures that would be great, too!! Welcome
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welcome to you & your kittys! My 3 send belly rubs!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hello and welcome!!!
Sounds like you have such wonderful furbabies! Poor Andy, what a horrible thing to happen! I'm glad he's recovered and doing well!

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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!
See you on the forums!
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