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I think that in an older post someone said that their cats loved olives, and people said it was ok for them to eat them a little bit, but I dont remember too well so that is why I am asking :P We had a jar of olives in the house, and I thought.. hm.. that one person's cat liked olives.. i wonder if my cats will? Well aerowyn likes to lick the juice off of the olive (green olives with orange pimento) and elliot likes me to cut it into peices so he can roll all over it! Well.. thats another odd food to add to the list!
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Haha, sounds your cats aren't very picky eaters!!! Most of mine are, but my little one Tehya eats anything (I think the weirdest thing she's eaten has probably been saurkraut ) I wonder what the weirdest thing is that everyone else's cat has eaten? Might be a good thread sometime!
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Rocket must have a little Latino blood -- he likes guacamole and salsa!!
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My parents' cat, Missy, (RIP) used to go crazy over olives.
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Although my cats have never eaten olives cause there has never been any in my house. I dont like them myself. They do have a facination with Doritos, they will stick their head right in the bag to steal them.
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It might have been me that posted about the olives...

Dax loves olives and begs for them whenever I have the jar out!! The first time it happened I thought she was after the cheese - nope!
I cut little bits for her too - I know they are high in sodium, but she only gets a few tiny pieces.
Do your cats like raw potato?
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hm.. ive never tried raw potato. I think green olives are ok. I am absolutely mad about the pimento, it's my favorite part.. and then I just nibble at the olive because its too much flavor all at once. Elliot has a fetish for fruits and vegetables, he rarely eats any bit of meat I may give him.
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All of my animals (3 dogs 2cats) go crazy for raw potatoes. The stand at my feet and beg everytime I peel potatoes
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