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Fattest Cat Alive

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View video of the fattest cat alive on earth, and published on the Guiness Book of World Records,

amazing stuff!
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I can't believe someone would let their cat get that fat. That should be considered a form of animal cruelty. Poor thing...
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yes it is quite cruel, because the cat wont be able to do half the things it could do
but the owners probably didnt do it on purpose, to intentially make the cat that fat
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I couldn't see what the scale said. Anyone?
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40.8!! I thought my mom's 20-pounder was a big boy!!
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poor thing refrianing for doing the cartman voice...
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Whoa! That poor kitty weighs as much as Buddy my Border Collie.
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That is one fat cat. I'm surprised it can still walk up the stairs.
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I thought my Shane was fat. Man, he's nothing compared to that cat.
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I didn't view the video because I think that is awfully cruel!
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How sad. It disgusts me the amount of owners that allow their animals to get so obese. Then the animal has all sorts of problems -- hip/back problems, diabetes, etc. Then the animal must go through all the treatment. If they would have just keep them healthy the animal wouldn't have to go through it all and they would save themselves a lot of money.
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Poor cat.. I would imagine going up those few stairs nearly gave him a heart attack.
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And it's stupid people who would actually TRY to make their pet obese that is the reason why Guinness no longer keeps a record for highest weight for an animal. Now they measure the length, height, etc. to ensure that the animal that hold the Largest (cat, dog, etc.) record is healthy.
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Poor kitty! He is such a pretty boy, too.
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I feel only sadness for the innocent furchild.
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How very sad. I wonder how old the cat is?

And I just have to ask... Can you imagine what snuggling with that cat would be like?
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Poor baby. It must be miserable to have to carry all that weight around. Shame on his guardian!
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I had a "friend" who's family allowed their cat to become as obese as that poor cat. Their reasoning was that the cat was diabetic (of course!) and already was pretty miserable, they couldn't stand to make him want for food since that would just make him suffer more! That really ticked me off. The poor cat could only go so many steps before he had to lay down. He could barely clean himself. It made me so angry and disgusted. I couldn't believe it wasn't considered cruelty. They made their cat diabetic for crying out loud!
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That poor cat It's owner wants the book thrown at her, because that is a form of animal cruelty in my eyes to let it get to that size

It worried me when the vet told me that Rosie and Sophie were 2lb over weight!
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How devastating. The poor baby can hardly get up the stairs. Someone should help him.
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Stupid stupid people~
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My grandmother has a cat almost as big. She didn't try to make him fat, and has in fact tried to get him more excercise and a diet, but to no avail, and the vet has found nothing wrong with him, aside from obesity. He was a young lively, healthy male cat, but he turned into a lazy cat, who is kind of amusing in a really sad way... (he waddles to the food bowl, and is so lazy that he won't even sit to eat, he lies down next to the food bowl, and shovels food into his mouth with his paws... It's horrifying, but it's really hard not to laugh)

So, although I agree that those people probably intentionally fattened up their cat, and that is cruel and unecessary, having obese cats is not always controllable.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
I didn't view the video because I think that is awfully cruel!
Me too.
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As I am sure all of us have seen, there are cats that get fat and cats that stay slim.

Obviously something in the genetic make-up.

My garage girl, Tico, is half outside-inside, and is a little overweight, but not enough to worry about at the moment, but when she gets a little older, we will have to watch her closer.

Our two insiders, Grey and Boots, are pretty normal, and Boots is actually just the least bit "bony", but even for 14 years old, is extremely active, in his "rainman" neurotic way, and although Grey has the beginnings of a "pouch", he is otherwise neat and trim.

Now that we are close to breaking the genetic code, and thereby able to modify and delete certain characteristics, I am sure it is but a short time until there will be "designer" babies, human and otherwise, and then these problems of certain cats (and humans) having certain "negative" characteristics will be a thing of the past.

Except for the litter box problem, and that he LOVES to pounce in my lap from 10 feet away, I think I would like to have a 50 pound clone of Grey, our little Manx/Munchkin.

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Awwww... that poor kitty! He looks so nice too.
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That's shocking!!! I couldn't believe that it actually made it up the stairs!!
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