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shy burmese kitten

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After having two very loving and friendly burmese cats, I purchased two kittens from a reputible breeder. The kittens were from a cattery and were socialized with humans. They were shipped to me (georgia to new york) at 6 months of age. I have had them now for 2 months. The male cat will not allow any human contact. He runs if we get to close to him. I can not even catch him to take him to the vets. The other kitten/female is very friendly and will allow contact with us. We do have two small dogs that are used to cats and grew up with our other burmese cats. They do not seem to bother the kittens. I have tried may techniques to acclimate the kitten, but to no avail. Can any one help me with suggestions? These cats were very costly and I am wondering if I should conntinue the effort or consider returning the male to the breeder and getting a replacement kitten. The breeder seems to think that it is because he is not neutered, but I question that. He was very anti-social from the start. For a expensive petigree kitten is this expected? should I go forward and invest in the neutering or cut my losses and send him back for hopefully a more friendly kitten? can any one help me??????????????
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I do a lot of feral kitties and they have the same tendencies. It is the wild streak in all of them coming out. Seclude the kitty in a small room for about an hour an day and go in with it. Play light classical music softly from a radio in the background. Sit down on the floor and place kitty treats in a circle around you. Make yourself comfortable, take a book and open it up and start reading aloud.

The kitty will be curious and will come out, do not stop reading do not look him in the eyes- cats regard that as threatening. Just sit there and read a chapter or two. Have a large feather nearby and use that to coax kitty closer, but as he approaches, don't grab for him, don't lunge at him, let him make the moves. Then just get up and leave, leaving the door open for kitty to escape. A few days of this and kitty will get over his distrust and come to you easily. Good luck
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I can see where you're going nuts. I would try this. Put the male in a room of his own for about amonth with his food, water and box and a few toys. I would then keep a TV or radio on and go into the room and sit on the floor and watch TV for about 2 hours a day. Talk with him in a low tone while watching TV or listening to the radio. I think after a while, he'll come around. I am also a breeder (abys) and when I took my boy via plane to his new family (my best friend Rene), I was a little nervous because he too was 6 months when he went to live with her. He adjusted just fine. He was in her face loving her within the first hour. I think it really has to do with the breeder and my cats are handled from the second they are born. I'm not saying that your breeder didn't, but I do think it's important that they are handled constantly. Some breeders don't have all the time they want with their "kids". I on the other hand, only have 1 or 2 litters a year because I want the best for them. Try what I mentioned above for about a month. I really think he'll come around. Is there a return policy in your contract with the breeder? I also would try and put a few drops of Rescue Remedy in his water. It's all natural and will not hurt him. BTW, I sent one of my girls to Rene when she was about a year old and also adjusted well. Please let me know if I can help any further.

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Forgot to ask but do you know if they were brought up with dogs? My cats are brought up with dogs. If they were not, he might be afraid of the dog although your dog doesn't bother him. It's a new smell to the male. Also, if your dogs are not fixed, the dog might be giving off a male odor that you can't smell but the cat can.

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thank you for your input. Do you think then this cat is workable or should I send him back to the breeder? If I keep him then I am committing to go through the expense of the neutering. This is not a problem if I have a good chance of getting this cat to come around.
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I really think he'll come around. Just give him some time. As for the neutering, wait until he's comfortable with you because if you do it now, he'll just associate that with you and you don't want that. If he's the only whole male, it unlikely that he will spray. Keep us posted.

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thanks for your help.
My breeder seems to think that this male is aggressive and behaving this way because I did not neuter him at 6 months. SHe only sent him to me at 6 months of age. SO she says that I will not expect a change in his behavior until I neuter him and you feel I should hold off on the neutering. I have had him for 2 months and can not touch him, but he will come close to me like he wants me to pet him but runs away if I try.

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Males that are whole are a lot harder to train,deal with and they have a severe mind of thier own. If you really would like to keep this guy and work with him, I would set an appt up asap and get him neutered. When you bring him home, I would keep him in one room and work with him every day. Once the hormone level comes down and he starts to realize that love is the best thing in the world, you will probably have one very happy and lovable kitty.
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