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Show us your Buns!

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Bunny Rabbits, that is. Now what were you thinking?

Now I am not sure if this should be posted here or the Fur Pics Only! board. If this is the wrong spot then a mod is more than welcome to put it in the right spot.

I have noticed that several members here have bunnies as well as their cats. I am a huge lover of cats & rabbits and love to drool at pics of each. So... show me your bunnies! And tell a little about them too (since we pet lovers just loooove gushing on and on about our babies!).

I guess I should start!

My first bunny was Cadbury, a Mini Lop. He is a true sweetheart and king of the household. He is about 16 months old and 7.2lbs.

Caddy snuggled up for a nap

How could you not love that face!

Decent pic of his whole body.

Cheyenne is actually my bf's mom's bunny, not mine. However, she is a huge sweetheart and enjoys being held (unlike Caddy). She is a Chocolate Dutch slightly less than a year old. Not sure of her weight.

Chilling out in my lap.

Tranced out on my lap.

So, there's my buns..... now show me yours!
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I'll ask you the same question I get about my birds: How do you cats and buns get along?
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Beautiful bunnies. I used to have a rabbit called Bugsy, sadly the neighbours rottie broke into his cage!
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oh wow, they are very cute
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Originally Posted by BearCat
Bunny Rabbits, that is. Now what were you thinking?
So, there's my buns..... now show me yours!
you crack me up!
When I read the title of your post If put this face .... ... ...

Seriously... Beautiful your lovely furbunny!
Unfortunately I don´t have one but I could check this thread for see a beautys bunnys!!!!!
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Thanks all for the compliments on my bunnies. I won't tell Caddy or Cheyenne because they already have big heads! They rule the house! hehe.

CoolCat, glad I could add some humor to your day! :-) I was wondering what people's thoughts would be on the thread title. hehe.

Talon, honestly the kitties and buns get along pretty well. Tigger (the more passive, gentle-natured kitty) will try to snuggle and play with them. He is super gentle though and will only touch his paws to them (no claws extended). Monkey (who has stronger natural instincts to hunt anything that moves) will sit back a few feet from the buns and watch them intently. However if the buns make a sudden move in his direction, he runs away like a big scardy cat! lol. It's quite funny to see.

So, all things considered, they get along well, however, I am not comfortable leaving the buns and kitties out together without supervision. Just because I don't want the kitties to get too rough, or the other way around (the buns could do some damage to the kitties if they wanted to).
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Cute bunnies!! I just took a couple pictures of Babs on my disposable camera, which I'm going to drop off tomarrow. I'll post her picture as soon as I can. Nate has the digital camera right now, otherwise I'd post one now

I love mini lops, they are just too cute.
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I had these this morning!
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Aw, cute bunnies!!

Since they ARE furry, I'll go ahead and move this to Fur Pics.
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Such adorable bunnies!! Caddy seems like a real character.

I just love dutch bunnies. My Hunny Bunny was a dutch. She's at the Rainbow Bridge now, but her spirit lives on in Tailer. (She and Tailer were the BEST of friends, and she taught him all sorts of things. He was just devastated when she passed.) I'll have to scan a picture or two of her to add here. I miss having a fluffy tail around the house SO much, but I just don't have the time to devote to a new bunny these days.
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I love lops.. they are soo cute. My sister had a French Lop named Lollipop. she weighted about 25 lbs and looked like a small dog. She was a good rabbit.
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The only "bun" I have is my sweet Cindy-bun (aka Cinnamon Bun). I love your buns. They are darlings. Bunnies are some of my favourite people.
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Here are some pictures of my little Maggie. Unfortunately, she died a few weeks ago
I got her from a rabbit shelter about two years ago. She was a stray and had been living in someone's backyard for a whole winter.
The whole time I had her she was very friendly and affectionate. She even got along great with my kitty Joshua. But she hated to be caged. Good thing she was litter trained!

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Maggie was a doll! :
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I love it! Bunnies always welcome!!!
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I love my Bunny, her name is bunny ( i know how original)
but she is really mean she wouldnt go back into her cage for 2 days and she ped and pood on my carpet
i sitll love her to bits!
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Okee! I gotta put up my buns too!

Nearly three years ago I got a japanese harlequin mini-rex doe from a pet store. This was back when I was bun-ignorant. Honestly, she was in a bad situation and I just wanted to get her out. Her cage was filthy, tiny, and out in the cold. I didn't even know she was a she

I named her Hazel. Here she is!

So, two weeks after I get her, I get up to go to work and I notice something in her cage. I thought it was a mouse at first, but closer inspection showed...BABY BUNNY!! I opened up her house and inside was a nest that she had literally built overnight, and four more baby bunnies nestled inside. One was black, three were harlequins with very distinctive tiger striping, and one was red. Over time, the black runt and one of the harleys passed away for reasons unknown. The other three grew up big and healthy. I gave two to coworkers (on the understanding they'd be fixed and come back to me if there were any problems). The little red one I kept and named Piglet.

I have pics of them all growing up (TONS of them), but I'll just put up the ones of Piglet. See if you can't guess why that name was bestowed almost from birth?

One day old:

Just before eyes opened:


Learning to explore:

I brought them all to the vet at eight weeks old and was told all three of them were does. Later, Piglet went to another vet for an unrelated issue, and they also told me 'Doe'. Fortunately, I got Hazel spayed, because at six months old, Piglet's testicales descended and he hit a delayed puberty. He became very aggressive and territorial, attacking both Hazel and myself. I got him neutered and immediately he went back to his sweet cuddly self. He's definately a Mama's Bun.

These next pics are of him on his first birthday. He is now two years old.

Okay, I know I'm overloading on pics here

A few months ago, I went to the rescue to get my rabbit pellets and to say Hi. Well, wouldn't you know it? They had a little baby lionhead someone had abandoned there. And you know me.


So my blue lionhead doe Willow joined us. Piglet loved her instantly, Hazel took a bit more warming up, but now they're quite the trio.

Here's Willow! I've only got two pics of her. She's camera shy.

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Ravyn: Awww! A Lionhead! I love Lionheads and hope to adopt one before I die. hehe. Willow has beautiful coloring. Love how white the mane is compared to her body. Love the baby bunny pics too. How precious. I love to see how much they change as they grow. Also, Hazel is a beautiful girl and very lucky that a wonderful person like you came along and rescued her from that horrible situation. Good for you! By the way, there can never be too many bunny or kitty pics. A happy pet brightens your day!

Fwan: Is Bunny spayed? That could help her with her litter habits. But I certainly know what you mean about them not going back to their pens at the proper time. Caddy can be amazingly stubborn at times as well.

magie-P: I am so sorry to hear about Maggie's passing. It's hard to loose a loved one. ((hugs)) She was a beautiful bun. I just love that mouth!

tari: Trust me, Cadbury is certainly a character. Sorry to hear that Hunny Bunny passed. Extra kisses to Tailer. (cute name by the way)

valanhb: Thank you, thank you. I appreciate you moving the thread to the appropiate spot. I just wasn't sure if it was ok to post non-kitty pics on this board. But I will keep it in mind from now on. Thanks again!
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Maggie looks just like Babs!! You all have such cute buns! It sounds so funny to say that. I love rabbits. They are totally different from cats, but they have so much personality. Babs has a lot of moxie. She is a bun with attitude. She loves rearranging things in her cage and around the apartment. She loves the cats, but they are afraid of her- although getting better. She hates being in her condo when the door is shut, but goes in there all the time as long as the door is open. There have been several times now where I couldn't get her to go back into her condo and just left her out while I was at work. If the cats chase her too much or bother her she hides under the couch- which is her prefered sleeping spot overall. for the most part though, she drives the cats nuts- always wanting to sniff them and tricking them into chasing her.
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Awww, I love all the bunny pics! Thanks for sharing, everyone!
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Marie, I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your bun!

Ravyn, I LOOOOOOVE the picture of Piglet as a little baby! HOW SWEET!!!

Now I want a bunny! I was looking at them at the Pet Food Center the other day, wishful thinking, but I don't think I could get one since I still live with my parents and I already have a cat, ferret, and they have a dog. And, I donated Noodle's (My ferret) old cage to the humane society. They use those kind of bigger cages for their rabbits there...woulda been perfect, huh?
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A stray bunny? Cheez! She wouldn't of lasted 12 hours here. Sunny (DH) scares up LadyHawke out of the field every morning when he opens the door to the shop to get his bike out. The wild ones are fairly savvy. I had a cottontail just a couple of days ago grazing on (I guess) the clover by our outbuilding. As long as they stay away from my tomatoes they're welcome .
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Oh oh!! Ill have to find all my bunny piccies now!!
I have on last count, 10 adults and 12 babies.
Just rehomed 3 adults

Some people re-home cats, I re-home bunnies
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Bearcat: My bunny actually lives at my mothers, she is here so my cat and bunny wont be lonely while we are on holidays. also because my parents are going away for longer so this is why i have my bunny here, i live in a tiny appartment and i cant afford to have her living here permanently.
Because every 2 - 3 weeks she has to get her teeth cut, our vet said it wasnt necessary to spay her so we havent.
she doesnt do bad toilet stuff at my mothers, so i guess its because the cat has really stressed her out by trying to play with her.
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This is peanut Butter (peanut for short)
and her brother Coda when they were smaller

All grown up! (well half way there). Both were unwanted babies that I was going to re-home but fell in love with.

This is mother and daughter and their babies. Was pretty Cool, both rabbits had their babies on the same day in the same box. Combined i had 13 little albino babies running around!

Some of the lucky 13 when they were little.

Ill have to take some more photos today when the sun is out. Some of them are more yard bunnies, they arent as friendly as my house trained pets, but ill try get their photos.
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Fwan: Well that makes sense. Bunny being in a new enviroment for her would mess with her litter habits. However, about now spaying her.... I would highly recommed that you do. Even if she is never around a male bun in her life the benefits of spaying are tremendous. Most notably it eliminates the worry of ovarian cancer which is extremely common in female rabbits. (something like 90% of non-spayed rabbits develop reproductive system cancer... I don't have the exact data on hand but will try to hunt it down for ya) So it basically increases your rabbits life span from 2-4 year to 10-12 years.

Also, many rabbits "chill out" after getting spayed/neutered and the horrible habit of spraying either stops completely or is reduced greatly.

Like I said I will search for some hard data for you in the next day or two. Or one of the many other bunny owners may have something on hand.

So, yes, spaying may not be necessary for Bunny but it would benefit her life greatly.
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Love this photo

Just found some more of my lucky 13!

1 day old. A sea of pink skin and white fur that the mums line the nest with

About 2-3 weeks old here

About 4-5 weeks

7-8 weeks, with one of the mummys

Most of my bunnies arent an actual 'breed', just ordinary bunnies
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Blossoms*Slave: OMG! Those Buns are Freaking adorable! I love seeing lops before their ears "fall". I swear I am going to steal Peanut Butter and Coda..... tooooooo cute! And all of those albino babies! ::squeal:: I would be in heaven lol. Do you breed? or were the litters accidential? Or do you rescue? or foster? eek! I am so curious! lol.
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I love the pic of all those baby white bunnies!!! Soooooooo cute!
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Originally Posted by BearCat
Blossoms*Slave: OMG! Those Buns are Freaking adorable! I love seeing lops before their ears "fall". I swear I am going to steal Peanut Butter and Coda..... tooooooo cute! And all of those albino babies! ::squeal:: I would be in heaven lol. Do you breed? or were the litters accidential? Or do you rescue? or foster? eek! I am so curious! lol.
I love Albino bunnies, they are my absolute favourite

I use to breed the bunnies every now and then, maybe 1 or 2 litters a year and that was all. Theres too many bunnys needing homes as it is, without making too many more! I mainly rescue, foster and rehome bunnies now.

The litters were half accidental. I only meant for one of them to get pregnant, but dont ask how the other one ended up preggers too lol! I had no idea she was pregnant until the day she had the babies.

I always wanted albino babies but out of all the litters I never got any! Then one day I was given a beautiful large male bunny (Zeus) who i couldnt find a home for, so ended up keeping him. Even though he wasnt albino, or a flop, it was worth a shot and I got 13 little bubbies. All were albino, but only 10 of them got flopped ears.
Was so nice to go out in the morning to be greeted by all the little white faces waiting for their breakfast
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