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Seat Stealer!!!

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Limerick has this habit of stealing my comupter chair when I get up. Does anyone have a cat like this?


It's mine see I'm marking it!! ahhahaha!!!!

I'm ignoring you
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Yup, my baby Elmo does it everytime!! Too cute!!
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Buffy steals my husband's chair at the dinner table the second he gets up!

Buffy in my computer chair!
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Yep, all 4 do it. The problem with it is that my husband and I both have black desk chairs....it is hard to see the black cats.... more than once they have been sat upon. Not very happy about it either!
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Doesn't everybody?
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Yes, mine do that too!! Are they stealing it or are they keeping it warm for us?!?!? I know....they're stealing!
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Ophelia's new motto when it comes to the couch: "Use your feet, you lose your seat!"
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My cats and dog are the same way, you get up and lose your spot, its your fault
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Mik does it ALL the time... so much so that it has become a game of sorts. Not only does he steal the computer chair, he steals my spot on the futon or sprawls on the bed as soon as I get up. He's so cute when he does it though that I can't resist telling him it's working in his favour.
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Does this answer your question?
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what a bunch of thieves!!!! LOL
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LOL Shadow and Finnegan do this too! I have a few pictures but my website is down at the moment... You have to call 5 minute rule around our house... haha
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