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Question About Birth

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Hi, I have posted here a couple of times. My siamese is in phase two labor (pushing), but she does not want anyone in the room at all. When I go into the room she stops pushing and moves to a different box. Should I stay in there no matter what or should I leave her alone.
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I am by no means an expert, but i would leave her alone for now, maybe check on her when you hear babies crying to make sure things are okay. i don't think it's good for her to stop and start.
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Hi Meghan,

Glad to hear your girl is finally gonna have those babies! *grin* I know you've been worried over her for a bit now.

If she keeps moving around while you are in there, I would say it is a safe bet that she is uncomfortable, probably a little frightened, and not sure at all what is happening to her. I seem to remember that this is her first litter, so it all may be a little overwhelming to her.

If I were you, I would go in to check on her every 5 to 10 minutes. It may be that she will get used to your presence while in there and go ahead with her delivery. That would be the best case scenario. If she absolutely WON'T let those kittens go while you are present, then that would be the best thing. I just worry about her giving birth for the first time with no human available to assist her should she need it. Can you confine her to the queening cage or crate (if you do not have one, I strongly urge you to get one before your next planned litter is due to arrive.) so she has nowhere to roam off to? It might make her feel more secure since you can cover the crate with a warm blanket and provide darkness and warmth for her. You can always move her with the babies once they have arrived, but it helps to be able to contain her in the nest if she is skittish.
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Check on her as much as you can and keep us posted.
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I'm not by any means an expert, but I did go through this for the first time last night! (With the help of the lovely members here of course!)

Rhiannon (my Queen) pranced around a LOT before the babies were finally born, uncomfortably moving from place to place to place! She finally picked on place after wandering all over the room and had all 4 kittens in that same place! Hopefully you're Queen is just doing the same thing! Good Luck!
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